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How to Email Like a Pro; 6 Tips for Great Emails

I am writer for various websites and here I'll be sharing topics and knowledge I find useful.


Why care about your email?

Over the last decade, the B2B market has changed drastically, and this has enabled us to get in touch and to make deals with people from all across the globe.

This has been a great blessing for many like this kind of outreach has reduced the barriers of cultural and linguistical limitations that have kept us apart for a long time. It has also reduced the amount of travel we had to make earlier.

Even though only some people are successful in writing Emails like a Pro, have you ever wondered why? Let me explain.

  • The first impression is king - You might have heard the power of first impressions whilst preparing for job interviews and meetings. Studies show that we evaluate people from the first five seconds we see them. But you might ask- "but Jeevan, what does this have to do with something simple as writing an email to your clients".

Well, the truth is- "Your words can either break you or build you" 90% of us normally reach out via an Email and if we really think about it, that single email is the first impression and the mental picture the reader has about you.

This is why you should draft a great email and not take it light-heartedly. You have to be conscious of how the message is being delivered.

Here, I will be sharing the 6 common mistakes that most of us do while drafting a professional email. It may seem ok if you're writing to your friend.

But in a workplace environment, these phrases lack a good tone and can mess up your stature and position.

Yes, this is for freelancers, people who work in sales, marketing, outreach, and people in an authoritative position. These are subtle mistakes that you can improve. So, keep on reading and see in what areas should you improve.

1. "Do You get it"

While working with clients, we often need to discuss different ideas related to the project. Let's say you successfully pulled off the presentation and now you have to make sure the person you explained to also understands it clearly.

Avoid- Hopefully, that makes sense?

When you ask in a way that lacks assurance, you are unconsciously conveying that you, yourself are not entirely confident about what you've previously discussed.

Instead, use - Let me know if you have any questions

This kind of approach will do two things for you- The reader will realize that you are well-versed with the discussed matter, thus increasing the trust in you and your project.


2. "Yeah, You're welcome"

This is a common mistake I have seen in a plethora of emails I have received, and I myself am guilty of using this so frequently when I got started - 'Saying welcome in a formal way'

Avoid- No problems/No worries

I think I don't have to explain this one cause this is clearly unprofessional in a work-related email.

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Instead, use- Always happy to help

Simple, effective yet friendly, and formal.

3. 'I took a while to____"

We often get lost with our lives and find it hard to catch up with messages from work, and when you notice the un-answered messages in our inbox, you should figure out a good way to apologize to them,

Avoid- Sorry for the delay

Just to be sure I am not against 'just casually apologizing', but if you constantly say sorry for the little things it may leave you over-worked. (from personal experience)

Instead use- Thanks for your patience, ___________.(fill this up accordingly)

Use any filler words and try to justify why this happened in very short words(do not overexplain), by using this you can cover up your mistakes in an appealing way that doesn't show your delay in services but yet apologize heartily.


4. 'My schedule matters too"

You should keep strict boundaries within your work and personal life. Think about it- Will you be able to give good results if you're overworked? If work is messing up your time with family and friends?

Your overall productivity will be low and you will not produce the results you're supposed to give.

So don't be afraid to say no to the things that stress you and take a look at your schedule to see if the work fits in.

Avoid- What works best for you?

When you're ensuring flexible work hours for you and the client, you should always make the first move to talk about yourself.

Instead use- Could you do_____?

Instead of agreeing to all of their demands establish a good connection with them. Then talk freely about yourself and your schedule, This puts you in a position where you appear more confident, opinionated, and self-driven. These all add up in favor of you.

5. "Checking up on them"

Making sure the people you're working with are doing their work is crucial. So in this case.

Avoid- Just wanted to check-in

This is something that you send to your friends, not to partners or co-workers. This seriously undermines your status. So, avoid this,

Instead use- Hey, when can I expect an update?

This language sounds more professional and makes the reader aware of the seriousness of the work, and don't mind if you're sounding "bossy" to them. It's just a part of the work.


6. "Wording is Hard"

Let's be honest now, not everyone is a pro writing an email optimized for workplaces. If you're one of them, it's because we all are different and share different strengths and weaknesses.

Avoid- Rewriting E-mail for 30 minutes

If you can't draft a good email even after you try really hard, then leave it. That's my advice. Look for other ways to contact them where you can play by your strengths

Consider- Look for alternative ways

There are other ways to establish a good relationship with them, maybe you're good at hosting virtual conferences and can use platforms like Zoom, Teams, and other platforms.

If you're good with the traditional way of meeting in person. It is the best one as this creates trust and credibility in your client.

Final Verdict

These tips are what I have learned while dealing with my clients. Bear in mind that these phrases are not set to stone so mix them up to create the version that you are comfortable with.

Express yourself and that is the most important thing cause if you're being authentic and honest, It's gonna set you different from others in your lane.

So I hope this has been helpful and share this with someone who writes really bad emails;)


© 2021 Jeevan Maria

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