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How to Earn Money and Sustain a Career in Freelance Writing

Helene is a freelance writer and digital marketer. In this article, she shares the hacks that worked for her when she began her journey.

You must have noticed by now that, you have to search for the writing gigs, market yourself, take professional photographs in order to ace your profile and make a good impression on your prospective clients.

It's Fun and Rewarding


How to Sustain a Consistent Writing Career.

As a freelancer looking to make money writing, you would soon realize that, there is no supervisor pushing for deadlines.

You're no longer allocated certain specific tasks, while the rest of your team takes on other roles to ensure the company operates effectively.

You probably resigned to face your passion squarely. You also probably researched and you're convinced that you're going to make a career writing.

It dawns on you that, you are fully a business owner in your own rights now, the full team, saddled with the responsibility to maximize resources and yield profit.

Or, you're just looking to take freelance writing as a part time job and earn a passive income while engaged at a pay-day job.

Well, if you fall in either of these categories, then you're just in the right place!

It's a Whole New World!

You must have noticed by now that, you have to search for the writing gigs, market yourself, take professional photographs in order to ace your profile and make a good impression on would be clients.:

Important: if you're not doing the above, you should start already!

You've learnt new terms or you find yourself learning more about SEO, Google analytics, Google adsense and how to maximize potentials on the net as a writer to earn money.

Well, as a writer who jumped through these hoops, I'd like to share with you some practical points that led to my first earnings and helped me sustain my journey as a freelance writer.

Love What You Do

Begin writing about topics that interest you, subjects you're passionate about, just for yourself.

There is this idea floating around in your mind, pen it down meticulously. This will not only boost your confidence, but will also sharpen your writing edges.

Belive me, there is an audience for practically every topic out there, every aspect of life falls within a certain writing niche.

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I began writing music reviews because that's what I love most, and can do without much efforts.

There is always that temptation to just to take on any topic you're going to get paid for, but don't fall for it, you'd get overwhelmed and burn out before you know it.

What I mean is find your niche, it will spur you on to grow.

Own a Blog

Some clients have been burned with disappointments, due to the freelance writing pool being heavily riddled with really good marketers that sometimes fail to deliver the promised content, so it is not strange to find really cautious clients who prioritize proof when hiring a writer.

Clients want to be sure you know your onions.

Therefore, the easiest way to convince a client is by giving them a proof of your skills and experience; and what better way to do this than to refer them to your blog?

In fact, before you start actively seeking gigs, create a whole bank of proof for your skills and experience, it makes the job many times easier.

Learn the Writing Tools

In this age where the internet has taken over almost every area of life, you have to master how to navigate the internet in your field. Find and learn topics such as:

  • SEO
  • Key words
  • Meta tags as well as
  • Meta descriptions and so on.

Search for "how to" articles such as this one and remember to suscribe or watch YouTube channels on "writer helpful topics". The wealth of knowledge out here is amazing.

Remember to go through the comments though, you'd be surprised at what you can find there. Comments also help you screen videos so you don't waste precious time watching the wrong content.

I use the comments to vet and get extra points on whatever topic I'm learning on.

Understand There is Fierce Competition Out There

It's not playtime!

Writing is something you love, I know, but this goes beyond a hobby now.

There are people out there depending solely on writing as a means of income already, some not even as good as you are but, putting in the right effort.

Talent or passion alone is not going to be enough to yield profit and making freelancing worth the while.

Only your work and efforts can pave a way for you to the clients you're looking for.

Persevere, Don't Give Up!

It is not going to be easy!

Just like any other business, the profit does not start pouring in just as soon as you start, place acing a career in writing above earning any money, this will keep you from getting discouraged when you don't see profit immediately.

Prioritize Excellence

People chase value, read a book or two on improving your grammar and writing generally.

Put in your best effort for each article and don't take any aspect of your project for granted.

Plan and be Disciplined

Most creative people believe in the "creative mood" when approaching projects, but except writing is strictly a hobby, it can lead to unproductiveness and lack of consistent efforts, which is so important in pursuing a freelance writing career.

Set a "to do table" and allocate specific time to each task.

Plan your day fully the previous day, you may not adhere 100% in the beginning but keep trying until you can honour every "to do activity".

I write 3 articles everyday and a chapter of my novel, Then I wait for the mood to edit (lol), this has been so rewarding for me, compared to when I was waiting for "the mood to write" to get anything done.

You can also factor in time to learn on new topics in developing your writing career. This will help you organize and track your progress.

Exercise and Rest


Engage in Physical Activity

Be deliberate about it, writers can easily get so lost in their minds and completely ignore their environment to their own disadvantage.
It is important that you prioritize your space, beginning from your body to the aesthetic of your environment.

You can choose hiking, strolling, running, site seeing, biking, work outs or dancing for a start. The goal is to ensure you feel good about your new career.

Studies have shown these exercise help release endorphins "the feel good hormone" in the brain, when done with a goal in mind of course.

Humans are more likely to keep participating in what is rewarding and makes them feel good.

Make your daily schedule euphoric and what you look forward to.


As a creative writer, the importance of resting can never be overemphasized. It helps you recharge and relax, which results in generally higher productivity.

Research shows that rest contributes to physical as well as mental well-being, needed for consistency and growth.

Also avoid unnecessary stressors including people, as a writer your quiet and alone time is non negotiable.

Join a Network or Community
Now that it is time to earn. Search and join a freelance community or network.

This will help you get gigs and clients. You'd also learn more from others, create a support system and keep up with trends in your field.

There are many freelance communities out there including Hub Pages, which is the best place to learn professional writing, in my opinion with the right tools and step by step guide to launch your career.

Upwork, Kwork, Fiverr, Wattpad Contena just to mention a few I am personally using, and other trusted upcoming freelance sites.


This article is all about growth as a freelance writer, so remember, if it can grow, it can also die.

Choose to grow yours!

© 2022 Helene Dutse

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