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How the heart is treated in Literature

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Heart and Literature always go hand in hand..

Heart and Literature always go hand in hand..

How the heart works is totally a different story in literature. According to science, heart diagram shows that it is a four-chambered organ situated on the left side of the body. It pumps ‘oxygenated’ blood from lungs to the rest of the body and helps to carry ‘deoxygenated’ blood from the body towards the lungs for filtration.

In all the literatures of the world, circumstances are quite different. Such importance is not given to other important parts of the body such as lungs or kidneys as is given to human heart. Here, the heart is found to be involved in different amorous activities and a regular business of ‘giving and taking heart’ takes place among different individuals. Literati, from all part of the world, have written a lot of things on heart and the relationships involving heart, in different genre of literature.

On the basis of heart, people can be divided into different categories. Some have a heart of gold and are kindhearted enough to take care of every one without considering the creed of the individual. On the other hand, there is a kind of people who are physically so impressive and attractive but internally they have a heart of stone, particularly from the opposite sex. We just see them and lose our heart at first sight but this feeling of ours does not have any effect on them. They directly strike our heartstrings and we are helpless before our feelings. We offer our heart to them without any hesitation and any second thought but they are so cruel that they take no notice of our heartfelt feelings. This results in a broken heart syndrome on our part. We devote our heart and soul to have our heart in the right place but it is often out of control. We try our best to win their heart but it is all in vain. Sometimes - only sometimes, they throw a heart stopping glance on us and we feel as if we have got everything in this world. It makes us believe that the person has understood our feelings but often this is only momentary. We try our best to open our heart to them but they seem to have set their heart on neglecting us. One drawback with such people is that they are found everywhere in abundance.

Some people are weak at heart. They often have their heart in their mouth even in petty matters. They are advised not to visit cinema alone, particularly for horror movies.

Another category of people are those who are always young at heart, despite their growing age. They always focus on the positive side of every situation. Such people are really a blessing in disguise for the whole community. They always help those who have a pessimistic approach towards life to bring them back to the positive side.

There is still another category of people who are always sick at heart. They often have pessimistic approach towards life and always see the dark side of the situation. They never do any good to society and always eat their heart out in every matter. They often discourage others in their efforts and have such a temperament that whosoever meets them, his heart sinks. Fortunately such people are very rare in society.

Nowadays, a ‘modern use of heart’ is also being introduced. It is sent to one’s near and dear ones printed on Cards on different ceremonies. To depict one’s love, an arrow is made embedded in the heart with two or three falling drops of blood, just to impress the receiver and have his/her attention.

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It is beyond prophesy, in what other activities, the heart will get involved in future in the world of literature, yet we must remember the golden rule that heart is really a delicate, soft and passionate part of the body both physically as well as in literature. There is no grave sin as to break one’s heart. Every effort should be made to keep everyone happy in this world and to win their heart.

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