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How Cacti Help You Learn to Be Grounded in Life, a Poem

Archana is an admirer of nature. She likes to see its wonderful creations—flora and fauna, mountains, sky—and put her thoughts on paper.

Cacti are Perhaps the Ugliest Plant but It's Beautiful

Cacti are perhaps the ugliest plant by its looks, but it is astonishing to find out pleasing how it remains grounded in tough times. They flourish in harsh conditions where no eye-pleasing plant can survive. It is succulent, and its thick coats ensure safe sap inside.

Perhaps, when a tough-situation knocks on our door, we fear and try to take a step back. We humans always try to escape them, but cacti are not like that. They face every situation and collect every drop of moisture in the air, even in bad weather.

We, humans, are totally opposed to it. We react to our emotions. Whatever we feel: happy, tense, anxious, excited, or else. We throw stones at others if something happens wrong to us. We complain that they (family or any person whom we love) are responsible for our situations. Don’t you think we really need to learn something from cacti?

They face a tough time (weather) and come out as a warrior with magnificent flowers on them. Its beauty may not be on its outer layer, but it is not less than any flowers. Whenever I think about my journey, how it is going, it is wrong and I never planned this life. Why every time I face trouble? I work hard for daily bread. Additionally, I work harder than before, then why things are not going as planned.

Generally, I never complain about anything to anyone. Sometimes, when I feel restless, I prefer to see nature to adapt to the flow of life. How amazing is it? Nature’s every creation contains something precious, and the Cactus is one of them.

Cacti: Unique and Widely Loved Plant

The cacti plant is not beautiful on the outside, then why is it admired? The research on the plant can be found everywhere to find out what makes them worthy by the scientist and researcher. What sets them apart from other beautiful, fragrant flowers? I wanted to know more about these succulents and find amazing facts.

Here are some amazing facts:

They grow anywhere

It is impossible to believe, but it can grow in the harsh climates in the world, even in the desert. Some species do not survive in the colder environments and rainforests, but cacti can. Their resilience in harsh conditions and weather is very popular, and it makes humans learn from them.

Wherever they grow, they find ways to survive. They thrive for life and meet their nutritional needs in the backyard or in the desert.

Succulent are nocturnal plant

Humans are created differently. They go confused if something is not going according to them, and I am an example, and as you will see, plants too, but they are exotic. Some people love morning calls by the hen, and others aren’t. Some are productive during the sunshine, and others are nightingale during the night and love to create them like I am. I am the night bird and like to develop words and make a pyramid of them (a poem).

This article also falls in the same category, the nightingale. When I get to know that the cacti family too loves to dance and open its pore at night, I enjoyed the moment of belonging.

Cacti open their stomata at night opposite to the majority of plants. There is the reason if they open their pores during the day; they lose their water within their tissues. I enjoy being the same as cacti. I work during the day for my livelihood and love to pen down my thoughts in the dark when everything stops. The noise; people taunting, competition, rat race, and whatnot, I prefer the night time to write. It is calmer and pleasant. Cacti too open its pore under the shining sky and retain most of its water storage.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

— —Albert Einstein

Unique growth habit

  1. Arborescent cacti: In the pattern, they grow is unique, and that makes them very bizarre. Their first growth habit is amazingly wonderful; the arborescent cacti, which grow like a tree within a single trunk and topped-up by several branches.
  2. Columnar cacti: grow in a cylindrical-shaped stem. It grows in branches or not, depending on its species.
  3. Smaller cacti: grow in a globular-manner. These are in ball-shape, shorter and smaller, and mini-me of the columnar cacti.

The research on cacti by the researchers may be a continuous process, but their unique habit makes me and people out there understand that every human has his or her unique growth process, ups, and downs, learning, and failure.

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A poem

peasant smell colorful appeal,

there is no one else to fight with tough times and deal

grow and bloom in the desert by facing hazard,

stepping back is the only solution to a coward.

face difficult situations,

keeping a broad smile on

what was our, what will be ours?

live in the present,

leaving aside all the tensions far.

the problems you face

perhaps the toughest,

but never forget

the shine comes after

and the learner who seems weak

becomes the master.

--Poet Archana Das | 26th November, 20

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Archana Das


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on November 28, 2020:

Interesting information on cacti.

We could learn alot from them. They are strong and keep growing no matter what is tossed at them.

Nice write.

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