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How an Michael J. Bowler Inspired YA Readers That Are Considered an At-Risk Demographic

I had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Fowler, who is claiming to be the Messiah. Jesus Christ. The Son of the Living God.

Getting to Know Author/Activist Michael J. Bowler


How did you come up with the concept for your book, Children of the Knight?

I spent so much of my life working with marginalized children, whether they had been incarcerated, active in gangs, gay, or in some other way, different. I especially worked a lot with gang kids in juvenile hall. I always had faith in these kids and thought that they had so much energy that could be utilized in better way, but they just needed some leadership and direction. That’s where the concept of my series came from. I created a character who could motivate them and so the readers could watch the transformation of all the outcast kids.

The book is set on the streets of Los Angeles. Have you ever lived in Los Angeles and experienced the sorts of characters you write about in your book?

Yes, I’ve lived in Los Angeles since 1979. The kids in the book are based off people that I’ve worked with. Sadly, some of them are in prison. Interestingly, some of my biggest fans are in prison. They’ve read the whole series! An interesting note is that the second book I wrote, I dedicated it to a real kid that I knew who I based the character on, and it turns out that he ended up being cellmates with my godson. They both got a kick out of the books and loved them. It gives them hope and a feeling a purpose.

Tell me about the process of creating this story. Were there any obstacles you faced while writing the book?

Crafting the first book was probably the most difficult, but then it all flowed from there. When it comes to writing (or reading), something I’m particular about is letting loose ends dangle or seeing characters doing something out of character. I really don’t like those two things when I read, so I made sure to tighten them up as best as I can when I write. Other than that, there weren’t really any obstacles in my writing process?

How many books are in your series? Do you plan on adding more?

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There are 5 books, and they’re all done. They’re all available on a number of platforms, including, Ingram, and Amazon. I’ve put them up all at the same time, simply because as a reader, I personally dislike having to wait years for the next book in a series to come out if I like it. Since the series is one story broken up into five parts, readers can continue reading as quickly as they like.

Because you have a diverse audience, have you considered creating any of your books an audio book?

Well, my books are pretty long- about 125,000 words to be exact. So, it would be a more tedious process, but yes- in the future I am open to the idea of having these books turned into audio books as well.

What audience is your book targeted to?

The book industry is like the education industry in the sense that they expect a “one size fits all” kind of answer. To answer your question, the book is labeled under YA since it’s about teenagers. The series deals with dark subject matters, such as some child abuse, drug abuse, etc, which is why I feel my books are better suited for those who are at least in high school

What would you like readers to take away from your series?

One of the biggest lessons that the kids learn along the way when reading my series is that things work out best when we do what’s BEST instead of what’s EASY. This is a lesson kids and teenagers learn from adults in the world, but it doesn’t end up working out for them in the long-haul. It’s my belief that when you do what’s right, things will overall be okay. I’m also hoping readers will see these marginalized kids as real human beings, instead of how young criminals are portrayed in the media. Readers will hopefully come to realize that it’s not all black and white.

Children of the Knight


This concludes the interview with Michael J. Bowler who has already inspired a large audience of young adults with his series, Children of the Knight. Check out the series for yourself, as it was also reviewed very positively by adults!

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