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How Your Past Experience Can Impact Your Life

Ian is a teacher and an experienced social worker. My role as a man in the society.

A family sunset

A family sunset

Events that occur in one's life significantly impact how they would handle life to make future changes. Past experiences significantly affect people's attitudes towards future life.

1.0 Impact of past experience

Several psychologists have spoken about how past experiences can affect a person's future life. The knowledge that we have today is likely to have been shaped by the past events that we all have been through (Townley 2020). Those events that occurred in one's childhood or early adulthood have impacted the way people think today, the way they act, and the way they interact with others. In psychology, memory is very tricky; it can link our past, present, and future intimately.

1.1 Painful events

Many people can remember some painful experiences in life. Most probably, the experience that one had in their childhood life dramatically impacted their lives today. It is also said that in case we forget to connect between our past and our present, then our history will keep affecting our future. (Beaty, 2019)

My history as an individual has dramatically impacted who I am today and who I want to be in the future; for instance, my memories of how my mother used to be and do have affected how I behave and carry myself around in my current life.

1.2 My Mother's Behavior

My mother used to have impacted who I am today and what I am working towards for my future. Despite being a woman, my mother was the worst drunkard I ever saw. She used to drink a lot of alcohol every day; this made us as a family to go through difficult times, especially for me as the firstborn of the family, I had to do all the house chores for my mother could not be able to do anything after she got drunk.

This behavior did not just affect us as her children alone; she was also involved as she lost her job because of drunkenness; her employer could not withstand her behavior.

Female alicoholism

Female alicoholism

1.3 My Parent Divorce

Also, our father had to divorce her because of what she used to do while drunk. The memory of what my mom went through, of what we had as children have changed who I am today. I decided that I will never have a taste of alcohol in my life to bring up my family in a modest way. I wouldn't want to lose my job as my mother did, and I wouldn't like to break my marriage. My experience from my mother, therefore, has shaped my present life and my future.



1.4 My Father's Level of Education

Another instance that has dramatically impacted me whenever I think of it is my father's education and work level. Despite the lack of education, my father was lucky to land a well-paying job in the movie industry. What used to puzzle me so much was the fact that, despite my father having the best paying job, he never liked going to work.

Therefore, I had to ask him why he never liked going to work for; many of the times, he would send excuses as to why he would report on duty on certain days of the week, which my father did more frequently. He answered me and said it is because of the insane acts in the movie industry that he does not, and that is why he never liked going to work.

Therefore, this made me learn one thing. Education is the best thing one can have in this world. Because of the lack of education, my father could not choose what kind of work he would work in; instead, he would go anywhere he got a chance. Because of this memory, therefore, I decided that in my life, I will invest in education so that I have an opportunity to choose the kind of work to do, and so that I chose a career that interests me than just working at any place because of lack of academic qualifications. If my father was educated, he would not work in a movie industry because that was not where his interests were.

2. My Final Thought

I would conclude by saying that memories indeed play a significant role in shaping our future; what we go through in our childhood shape what we become in the future, what we see while still young forms what we become when we grow up. Therefore, I would say that, because of psychology, we have been able to realize that the memories we impact on our children will affect them either positively or negatively.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Ian Muiruri

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