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How Writing on Hubpages Has Inspired Me

Several of my articles are featured on network sites, and some remain on "discover hubpages". Here are reasons why I find writing inspiring.

Wherever you may bloom.

Wherever you may bloom.

How Other Hubbers Have Inspired Me

I am inspired to write this article after reading the piece from Ms. Dora in regards to her own awards and well-deserved recognition. It's clear to see that she writes for herself, to inspire others, and she ignores the nay-sayers. Her article on this topic resonates with me, as do many of her others.

If you write on Hubpages, you may never actually know how far you reach. Maybe my article will give you some encouragement.


Sewing and Quilting

I have several articles regarding sewing and quilting. Other people are more popular than I am, however I have received great feedback on certain items where the reader appreciated the detailed instructions and how-to photos.

The one I am most proud of is "How to Make a Small Quilt Using Sweatshirts or Fleece". This is important to me because I belong to the group "Operation Quiet Comfort". This non-profit provides "quiet comfort" to our troops, mostly stationed overseas. They provide socks, under garments, and other "quiet" support items.

One category of support is small quilts, made with strict specifications. No loose threads, no tied quilts, and sized 3' by 5'. Also, no color red unless the fabric is a patriotic theme.

The use of these quilts is rather sad. When a troop is injured and flown out on a plane, the first thing that happens is that the medical team cuts off their clothing/uniform. It's a small space and cold up there, and long blankets such as in a hospital ER can get tangled in equipment and also be a tripping hazard. These 3' x 5' quilts are the right size to cover a person while leaving tubing and equipment untouched.

This is the first article I wrote. Only recently I shared its existence with the OQC group. They were very pleased and sent it out in a monthly newsletter. It was meaningful to me that the group recognized my effort. I am hopeful it has inspired others to join this group and this category in particular.


Music: The Keyboard

I've played piano since I was 7 years old and was first chair clarinet in my high school band when I was only in 7th grade. I've played piano at weddings, funerals, graduations, plays, and other events. Ragtime is my favorite. I've also written, published (and sold!) several pieces.

I was able to purchase a Roland RD-88 Digital Keyboard. I have written two articles about understanding the features of this keyboard, one living on Spinditty, and one living on discover hubpages.

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This digital keyboard comes with literally thousands of sounds produced by hundreds of instruments along with a wide variety of sound effects. Sadly, the provided documentation regarding the sound list is lacking.

Although the parameters of the RD-88 are lightly documented, I wrote an article on understanding the parameters, scenes, and tones of this keyboard. How to navigate between banks and tones, how to set certain characteristics of the different features, and other items which were somewhat covered in the delivered documentation.

The sound list was a different story. The Roland documentation consists of a 40 page pdf with thousands of tones, grouped by banks which were difficult to navigate, in no particular order, and no particular naming convention. I suffered though these 40 pages and make a table of the generic tone categories. I knew it could be improved by downloading the file, converting it to a comma delimited file with further sorting and grouping, but I didn't have the stamina. I published my limited but useful article about understanding the sound list of the RD-88 hoping it would be of some value to some people.

Lo and behold, my mailbox had a message from a reader! She said she was inspired by my article and she created the full table of the sound list in a spreadsheet format that can be referenced easily! She sent me the spreadsheet and it is wonderful!

This is great enough, but I belong to a couple of music forums, one specifically for the RD-88. I posted my article and her spreadsheet (with her permission) on these forums. This had the effect of helping many others who were struggling with the lack of official documentation. In turn, this inspired a user of one of those forums to write another piece of documentation.

I am beyond happy how my small article led to some real work to help others in this music community.


Music: The Strings

It turns out that a Donner distributor read my RD-88 review on Spinditty. She contacted me and asked if I would review a couple of her products of my choosing! I chose a concert ukulele and a pentatonic lyre harp. (I already had a tenor ukulele and a concert ukulele from a different manufacturer).

I wrote an honest and forthright review of each of these two products and I do like them very much. I will enjoy them for a long time to come and I hope others may take a liking to them as well.

It was quite thrilling and inspirational for me that someone would value my opinion on their product.

The Takeaway

If you enjoy writing, do it.

Whether reviews, instructions, or any other category, if you are knowledgeable and have insight to share, share it. None of us can know for certain if our unique experience has an influence on anyone else, but isn't it great to think we might?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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