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How To Keep Your Cool Even When Things Are Crazy

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Ever felt lost in your thoughts or situation? Ever felt like freaking out? Don’t worry. Life will never be a bed of roses but you can control your emotions when things are crazy. Listed in this article are eight pointers showing you how you can take over this control.

1) Retain Your Sanity

Let yourself lose focus on your situation and retain your sanity. You can focus on something totally off topic and let your thoughts flow in that direction. Soon your environment will shift, and you can focus on your surroundings to realize that things have evened out.

2) Sing to Your Heart’s Content

No matter how rowdy your situation is, sing aloud rhythmically and get into a spirited mood. Ask your nearest family member to join you, sing together and laugh together and celebrate for no reason. Your odd situation will vaporize by itself.

3) Go out Shopping for Yourself

You leave your dreadful environment behind, dress up and go out for shopping. Enjoy the breeze fluttering through your hair as you let down the window of your car. Put on light music and decide what you would like to buy for yourself and then buy them and feel good about yourself.

Feeling Better by Mall Shopping?

Feeling Better by Mall Shopping?

4) Meet Friends at a Coffee Shop

Call up one or two friends and meet at a coffee corner. Treat them coffee and have chitchat together. Smile and laugh. You may or may not talk about your problems. Just go with the flow and enjoy good times for an hour or so. Return home to find out that there is a shift in the environment for the better.

5) Drop by at Your Ma or Grandma’s Place with Your Baby

If your baby child is making you go crazy, take extra baby clothes, diapers and milk and drop by at your mother or grandma’s place. Let them take care of the baby for an hour or two while you relax and even take a nap. You will return home feeling happier and stronger.

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6) Get Absorbed in Your Gardening Hobby

If you are having a shaky marriage and constant arguments with your hubby, take the effort to step out of your home and concentrate on your gardening hobby. Plant a garden, and soon fruits and flowers will bear in it. So you need to weed out, make the soil loose, implant seeds, put fertilizer and water in the required amount.

Your hubby may be watching you from a distance and feel that you are having a great time. He may come towards you to watch closely what you are doing. Ask him to join in the fun of the hobby. Laugh and play with soil, seeds, fertilizer, and water. Both you and your hubby may have forgotten your distance and arguments.

When you are done, wash up, shower, dress up and share a makeup kiss with your hubby. The crazy environment around you in your home will have melted by now.

A Couple Absorbed in Gardening Hobby Forgetting their Rows

A Couple Absorbed in Gardening Hobby Forgetting their Rows

7) Ask Somebody for Help If You are Unable to Help Yourself

You may have lost something such as car keys or a home key or something bigger like a credit card. In any case, there is nothing to panic about. Each of these problems can be resolved. If you are unable to solve them yourself, ask somebody for help, for instance, your spouse or a family friend. They may go the extra mile to replace everything for you or they may give you good suggestions about what to do next. Either way, you will have a solution. So keep your cool, and let the crazy situation around you die down.

8) Know How to Deal with the Deaths of Familiar People

If a close friend or relative passes away and it shatters your world, the first thing you can do is to say a silent prayer to yourself and after saying it, you will be in a better position to deal with the occurrence. You may feel very sad. Cry as much as you want and let the emotions flow. And then when you are ready, you can call or visit their homes to console their families. You will feel much better after that. We are all here on this earth for a short time. So deaths and grief are a part of life. So accept them and move ahead with your life.


In conclusion, the eight pointers in this article give you clues and hints about how to handle overwhelming situations without having to lose your cool. Follow these and apply to your life as convenient, and you will never have to go crazy in unruly situations. Be in the knowledge always that whatever odd situation comes up in your life, a remedy, makeup or replacement exists to bring your situation under control.

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