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Give Thanks.

Hertha is just a girl that loves to write and that enjoys literature.Writing is most therapeutic to her.


Dear Reader

I hope you are well and taking care of yourself. I hope you and your family are safe and protected. This times are truly hard and it is a whole new experience for most of us. It is also scary and life changing. It is during this times that we question why all this is happening to you, you complain about not being at school or work physically, you complain about wanting to go out into the streets and being with your friends but dear reader if this is what you think and or complain about then you should seriously learn how to give thanks.

Thousands of people, including children, are out in the streets cold and friendless. Many children can not even continue their education due to the fact that they do not have the accessories to access online learning. Other people can not even work from home as they have been retrenched from their work. People are starving and there is little they can do about it and worse of all people are loosing their lives due to this COVID-19 nightmare. Now dear reader how lucky do you feel right now?

Moreover, it is about time you give thanks to the Lord your God for keeping you and your family safe during this hard time. Thank him for all you have. Thank the people around you for all their doing to make sure you well and protected. Wether it is your employer, government or family. Make the best out of your time. Enjoy the company of your friends and family .Tell them that you love them and care. Check up on your far away loved ones.

"While you annoyed by being home all day, someone is wishing they had a warm and cozy place to stay,

While you irritated with being locked up with your family members all day, someone has just lost theirs two minutes ago,

While complaining about online classes, someone wishes they had a phone to access them,

While you complaining about having to watch television all day, someone is depressed because they do not have anything they can use to escape reality."

Nevertheless, it is vital that we always appreciate the little that we have. Pray for others or wish them the best. Remember that we really never really notice the value of domesomet till it's gone.

Thank you!

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© 2020 Hertha David


Hertha David (author) from Windhoek, Namibia on October 19, 2020:

Hi there Mr. Happy.

You are absolutely right it is always important to pause and reflect.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Do take care and may be guide your path too.

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on October 18, 2020:

Yes, giving thanks is important. It's like, if You give thanks for having shoes, also give thanks for having feet to put those shoes on. We take many things for granted sometimes and it helps if we pause and reflect on those for a bit. Your article is a reminder to that so, thank You for it.

All the best!

May Wakan Tanka guide your path.

Hertha David (author) from Windhoek, Namibia on September 11, 2020:

Pleasure is all mine.

Ankita B on August 11, 2020:

So true what you have expressed Hertha. It is very much needed that we appreciate all the little things we have. Thank you for sharing this.

Hertha David (author) from Windhoek, Namibia on August 11, 2020:

You are so right Mrs Lorna, thank you so much for your feedback. Do take care.

Lorna Lamon on August 10, 2020:

This is so true Hertha, and very often we get caught up with our own issues forgetting that there are so many people who are in a much worse situation. There has also been a rise in mental health issues and I see this increase every day. Your article is full of wisdom - thank you for sharing. Take care and keep safe.

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