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How to Build a Social Media Brand

Olaniyi is a social media manager who has close to 8 years experience in the IT industry, willing to join this with his flair for writing.


The social media has evolved over the years and also with it, the possibilities of increasing a brand’s reach. Every post you make, every likes you get, every shares your post has is giving your brand an advantage over your competitor. A good social media branding strategy will set your business apart from others.

This article will itemize a few tips to develop a good branding strategy that is not limited by location, time, or geographical boundaries.

  1. Let all your social media profiles be accessible to your audience.

Never forget to let your audience know all your social media profiles and follow you on them. Whichever social media network it is, always include them in your post. Let the presence be known always.

  • Post exciting content always.
  • Don’t forget to include trending hashtags as they are important.
  • Keep updating your audience about your company’s wins and accomplishment.
  • Use posting available posting tools to schedule post before time.
  • Appreciate your audience by running competition on your page. Where they win something.
  • Avoid posting often.
  • Make sure you reply to every like, comment and replies on your post to show that you value your audience.
  • Always let your content provide value. This is important.Establish a real connection with your audience.

2. Connecting with the right target matters a lot.

Social media has provide the chance to reach your targeted audience at the right time

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There are different social media platforms if we are talking about targeted audience. The wise thing to do is to choose one or two on which you will base your speciality. Going on all media platforms will probably ruin your chance to create a productive brand strategy. What we want is engagement. Generate report and compare results on all the media platform. Then choose one or two with the highest engagement that is most productive for your business.

3. Always create engaging content.

When an audience can relate to your post, then there is a high chance they will always come back for more. Create attractive visual content in your post, the more, the better. Always use attractive colour and images when creating post. Use hashtags. Be more engaging with your content.

4. Keep record of your accomplishments.

Conversions is necessary in social media branding. Keep tracks of what works. Through this, you will know the number of conversions your brand has generated. There are measurable KPIs through which you can track how your brand is doing.

KPIs like the number of likes your post has, the amount of tweets by users who are following your content, how many shares your post has. The best of the KPIs is the number of positive comment your post has garnered, with this you will know how if your business is getting the engagement it deserves and what to change if it’s not doing well.

A brand name and logo gives identity to your business. A creatively designed logo is always imprinted image in your followers mind. Be creative with your logo designs, use a unique brand name. Always include the brand name and logo in every post you make. This will make your brand to be identify easily by customers. You can also use it in promoting company products and services.

6. Optimize your social media profiles.

Optimizing all your social media profiles will make you reach a larger audience and users. You can achieve this by filling your social media accounts with the same description. Clearly describe your work to your audience. Make sure all your social media profiles are linked together. When creating an account, fill all the required fields. Always use your brand photos on your account.

Conclusively, we can all agree that social media has come to stay and it has become a tool no marketer can do without. Using it rightly, you can create and get the kind of engagement that would set your brand and business apart

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Oke Olaniyi

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