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How The English Language Brings People Together

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Where does the language originate from?

As everyone knows English is one of the most spoken languages maybe even the most spoken language around the world. But most people don't actually know where it originates from. Started in Anglo-Saxon England, It is originally from Anglo-Frisian and Old Saxon dialects. Now it is spoken by many and considered a global language that most people know how to speak.

How it became so well spoken around the world!

Some people may think that the language became well known due to the language being easier to speak than other languages but that is actually not the case. English was first spread out by the British Empire to their colonies for the to learn. The fact that most other subjects taught in school were also taught in English helped the language spread further and become the language used for international communication nowadays.

How does it bring everyone together?

As said above English is an internationally spoken language. Which also means people from around the world talk to each other using this language. While some people don't know how to speak English most of the world does which allows people to communicate with pretty much anyone from around the world using the English language. The popular rise in social media platforms have also allowed people to reach people from around the world a lot easier. This means people can now freely contact anyone online and communicate with them using the most spoken language around the world, English. With all these factors allowing people to communicate with each other using this one language, English allows people to easily reach people wo are well over thousands of kilometers away from them.

Is English a hard language to learn?

English is considered by many to be one of the hardest languages to completely master. The reason for this is because of how unpredictable and challenging it is to learn some of the words or even to say some. For example there are some words that while a couple of people know about, only a few people know how to say properly such as the word "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis". But then there are words that are so simple most beginners can easily say such as "cat". Most people don't actually realize how hard the language can be at first because they have either been speaking the language from ever since they were a child till now or because they just started and the words at first are very simple and easy to learn with a bit of practice. but this also applies to all words in the English language. With this in mind whilst the language is hard to learn with practice and enough time most words will be a bit easier to learn. You just have to work at your own pace.

Is it important to learn everything about the language?

The short answer would be no. You won't need everything you learn about the language or all the words you learn throughout your lifetime. Neither do you need everything you learn from the subject English taught in schools. While it does mean you have a wider dictionary to use when you learn lots of words, most things you learn wont be said most times and words you normally use will come to mind more often then not in the middle of conversations. But if your job requires you to write a lot it does help to know a lot of words. It also depends on what you do for a living or what your future career is to decide what you should really focus on learning about in English at school. As not every job is the same or requires the same expertise or qualifications. So its better to focus on certain parts of English more based on what you aim for as your future career. With everything in mind it is good to learn as many words as you can but its best to know that those words hold no value if you don't know how to use them properly or what they really mean. So its better to learn the words with their meaning if you plan to learn a whole dictionary which most of us don't try to do.


So we have talked about the internationally spoken language English and we have learnt a few things about it. I hope everyone learnt something new and look forward to the readers feedback!

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