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How My Collie Dog Saved My Life: A Short Story

Mary likes to write about her life growing up in the country, and sharing all those good times.

My Collie Loved To Swim

My Collie always waited for me to jump into the water and swim with him.

My Collie always waited for me to jump into the water and swim with him.

I grew up in the country in South Carolina. Even though I was an only child, I had a wonderful time playing with my dog, Chubby. When I was ten years old, my Daddy brought this little white, furry puppy home for me. He was a Collie.

I can still remember how happy I was to have a playmate.

I named him Chubby, because he was so pudgy! When he grew up, he weighed about 75 pounds. He had long, beautiful hair. He had big, black eyes that were full of expression. He was a Collie. He was the most beautiful, and, of course, the smartest dog in the world. We were perfect playmates.

There was a creek that ran through the back of our property, and Chubby and I swam there almost every day. Now, unless you have lived in the country, you won’t know what a creek is. A creek is larger than a brook, but smaller than a river. Our creek ran from a river nearby. The water was not very deep, but it moved very fast.

Past our house, about a mile downstream, the water tumbled over a waterfall. The waterfall was quiet high as I remember it. I was always very careful not to swim anywhere near it, because if I did, I could be swept over the fall.

From the time my Collie was a little guy, he loved to swim with me. After he grew into a large dog, he and I had a game we played when we swam in the creek. I would swim away from him and pretend that I was in trouble and about to drown. I would yell, “Help, Chubby” and flap around in the water. He would swim to me very fast, grab my swim suit strap, and pull with all his might to get me out of the water . I would pet him, and praise him for “saving my life”.

He and I had lots of fun running through the woods and swimming in the creek.

One hot summer day after school, I put on my swim suit and headed down to the creek for a swim. I looked around for my Collie dog, but I didn’t see him anywhere. When the weather was hot as it was today, he liked to go underneath our house and sleep on the cool dirt. My guess was he was there sound asleep, and that’s why he didn’t come when I called him to go swimming with me.

I decided to leave him alone, and just go by myself.

This particular day, the water felt so nice and cool, but it was running much faster than usual. I would let the water just take me downstream for a short distance, and then I would swim hard to get back upstream again. I would do that over and over, and it was a lot of fun. After a while, I began to get very tired, and it got harder and harder for me to swim back upstream.

I began to think that maybe this was not a great idea to go swimming after all, especially without my dog, Chubby.

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Suddenly I realized that I was swimming too far downstream. I could hear the water rushing over the waterfall! I tried to swim back upstream, but it was no use: I was just too tired! I knew I was in a lot of trouble! What was I going to do? I wished that I had not left Chubby at home. If he were here, he would help me like he always did. But, Chubby was not here…..I was all alone fighting for my life. I really didn’t think he would ever hear me, but I began to call him as loud as I could! “Chubby, help!”

I was swimming with all my might, and frantically calling for Chubby.

All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chubby running very fast along the edge of the creek! What was he doing??? Instead of jumping into the water to save me, he was running along the bank of the creek. When he was almost even with the waterfall, he jumped in. I could see him swimming very fast toward the middle of the creek. Then he slowed down and began to tread water, keeping his eye on me the whole time. I was calling and calling to him to come to me and get me out!

This was not our usual game! I needed his help, NOW!

Then, I realized what he had planned. I was too tired to swim by this time. I was just floating downstream, helplessly. I was being swept by the water right to where Chubby was waiting. He was staying in one place by treading water.

As soon as I got to him, I reached out and grabbed him by that lovely long hair. I held on to him for dear life. Then Chubby swam with me holding on until he reached the bank of the creek.

My beloved Collie dog, Chubby had saved me!

After we reached the shore, and got out of the water, we both just lay on the ground, completely exhausted. Chubby could have drowned that day, but he was only thinking of how he was going to rescue me. I hugged him as hard as I could. Then, I just lay with my head on his wet body and we both rested. He was panting very fast, because he was so tired. He showered me with doggie kisses. I thanked him over and over. My Collie dog, my best friend, was truly my hero!

I looked up to the sky and gave a prayer of thanks to God for my bravest, strongest, best dog in the world! Chubby never left my side after that day. I think he felt a sense of obligation to protect me.

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