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How Much Do Bloggers Make?


How much do bloggers make thrpugh blogging? It is one of the most easiest way to earn money.

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

The breakdown: how bloggers make money. Before we see what some of the most successful bloggers on the internet are doing, let's see how they are doing it. First, the foundations:

• Traffic. To get paid as a blogger, you must have traffic. Effectively, traffic is the number of people who visit your blog. Successful bloggers may not have the highest overall traffic counts, although many of them do, but they know their audience well.

• Commitment. As I mentioned in the introduction, traffic means nothing without compromise. Engagement translates to successful bloggers who understand how to maximize their influence and earning potential per page and per email subscriber. This is often counted in various KPIs:

• Page views
• Time on page
• Average duration of the session

• Mailing list. Easily one of the most important assets you have as a blogger, your email list is your actual audience. They come back to your blog to interact with your content, they trust you enough to buy from you or at least give you their email addresses, and they will click on the affiliate links you send to them. The world's most influential bloggers know that their email list is their biggest source of income.

Suppose you have established these bases. You have the traffic, engagement, and your standard email list. Now you need real sources of income:

1. Ad Networks - Direct Image Ads on Your Blog (Potential Monthly Revenue: Over $ 25,000)

2. Google Adsense - Google Ads on your blog (potential revenue per click: $ 0.5)

3. Affiliate Advertising - Third Party Products or Services Endorsed on Your Blog (Potential Revenue Per Click: $ 500).

4. Sponsored Content - Hosting guest posts on your blog (potential revenue per post: $ 500 +)

5. Ad purchases: paid banner display ads on your blog (potential banner income: over $ 2,000)

6. Social Media Promotion - Get paid to endorse or advertise a brand on social media (Potential Promotion Earnings: over $ 2,000)

7. Promoting paid social media content: You pay to advertise on social media platforms in exchange for an increase in traffic. If you subscribe to the "spend money to make money" theory, this is for you (potential purchase income: over $ 25,000)

8. Online Courses - Offers paid training courses or webinars (potential revenue per user: unlimited).

9. Brand association: continuous sponsorship between your blog and a brand that adds value to your audience (potential monthly income: unlimited)

These revenue streams are the most widely used in the blogging world, but there is plenty of room to diversify if your blog is ready to expand. Many bloggers turn to podcasts, individual coaching, public speaking, book deals, and guest writing.The breakdown: what bloggers earn on average
According to most blogging experts, if you can average at least 3 high-value blog posts per week, $ 500 to $ 2,000 is a manageable monthly profit on your first.
The best thing of being a blogger is that not only do you get to work your own hours, your own way - and from anywhere in the world - you can really work out your own niche. A super-successful blog signed a book deal to post bad life advice found in history books. Perez Hilton makes more than $ 40 million a year. Whatever you want about the blog - you've probably got an audience there, waiting.
The Breakdown: What's Bloggers Make in a Week
In my extensive research into the earnings of other bloggers, there was not much available during the weekly earnings.

I think there are three reasons for this:

1. Traffic fluctuates week to week, so it is difficult to read continuously on weekly income, and

2. You cannot distribute the same level of content each week (although you should definitely try to be as consistent as possible), and

3. If you really want to get an average weekly number, you can divide your annual blog income by 52.

Consistency is going to be important, with a lot of blog experts saying that you should aim for 3 epic, top-tier content every week. Treating your side hustle as your real job - when you have time instead of some hobby, the only way to increase your income in traffic and bloggers is your way.
The Breakdown: What's Bloggers Make in a Month

There are various ways to earn money as a blogger. Affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsorship ... the list goes on and on. Yet, with regards to adapting your blog, traffic is the way to adaptation.
The average monthly income for a monetized blog usually looks like this:

• Pageviews per month (that's your traffic) x revenue per page = monthly income

Most blogs I've seen average around 5c per pageview, with big hitters sitting at around 8c + per pageview. Since it is reasonable to expect that you can increase your traffic to around 50,000 pageviews per month, this average monthly income is $ 2,500.
Okay, so that's not enough to convince you to quit your job, but it's a manageable side to a few hours each week.

How many hours is "something"?
In 2017, JD received $ 5,193 per month (on average) from Money Habit. And this is based on his solid commitment to writing only 3-5 hours per week.
According to Convert Kit, this is quite standard for a professional blogger. According to their statistics, 42% of professional bloggers work less than 5 hours. (Did I mention that 42%, the average annual revenue was over $ 185k?) If you could increase your monthly traffic to around 100,000 points - somewhere the most successful blogs consistently sit on year 2 or 3 of work Are - you can make double, or $ 60ka year. Breakdown: What's Bloggers Make in a Year.

Pro bloggers I have talked to (or on Dunky's injury on social) are pulling over $ 200k per year. Of course, blogging is the big guns of the world, which earns millions every year. Come hang out for fun:

1. HuffPost: Annual earnings $ 500 + million

2. Engadget: Annual earnings $ 47.5 million

3. Moz: Annual earnings $ 44.9 million

4. Perezilton: Annual earnings $ 41.3 million

5. CopyBlogger: Annual Earnings $ 33.1 Million

Other blogging giants - such as Mashable, Smashing Magazine, and Gizmodo - all make millions in a year. The sheer volume of posts emanating from these big hitters may be unacceptable to most of us, but it is still quite conceivable to shatter million-dollar sealing with your work-home blog. Collect Michelle at the Making of Saint. She makes over $ 120k a month on a blog that originally helped her manage student loan debt. Liz (half of the Frugalwoods couple) and her husband eventually used a family to buy the 66-acre Vermont homestead. Jennifer, who runs Me the Yummy, provided a monthly income breakdown a few years ago to show her income (net profit of $ 44k!) That month and gave her an annual salary. Finally, Melyssa Griffin posted proof of her $ 283k monthly income (P.S. if you want to know how much online courses can earn you, Melyssa is your woman!).


Don't let anyone tell you that blogging has run its course - it's not. As netizens search for more organic, authentic content and move away from big media, your niche may be a part of the movement. The key is: traffic before monetization. On building your audience and email list, create genuine engagement with the people who visit your blog and take a look at ways to monetize to create real value for them. Next year, maybe you'll be one of those success stories that other bloggers want.

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