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How Journaling Helps Me to Manage Stress and Stay Happy

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Hi, I am Deepa. Today I'm going to talk about journaling. Journaling is about writing in a notebook or diary. Journaling itself comes in many forms - travel journaling, dream journaling, gratitude journaling, bullet journaling, recipe journaling, and so on.

Journaling is a journey within us.

My Journaling Experience

What I am going to say here is about personal journaling. You can use any notebook or diary for that. This can be done by writing a daily journal. I do not write daily. But it is written 3-4 times a week.

I do journaling in a situation where I find myself in significant difficulties or the time when I can't make any decision, myself. Usually, I start writing about difficulties and will finally come to a solution to get out of it, once I stop the same.

When it comes to writing things that I cannot share with anybody else, I find peace of mind after journaling it. It is like talking to someone very close. Similarly, in situations where there is no clarity at all, and in situations where I am unable to make a decision, I do journaling and I get self-realization of what is on my mind and what I want.

While journaling about some serious subjects, I almost end up crying. But after that, the mind becomes relaxed and feels immense peace.

Proven Benefits of Journaling

Till now, it was my experience. Now here are some proven benefits of Journaling.

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1. Journaling can help us organize our wandering thoughts, determine what our desires and goals are, and take action accordingly.
2. Daily journaling will boost our memory.
3. Journaling can help you to get rid of stress, frustration, and anxiety that have accumulated over the years. Thus our stress will be reduced and we will become relaxed.
4. Journaling many things that we cannot share with anyone else, those frustrations or bad incidents in the past, etc. will free us from our deep-rooted tensions. Thus making us happy.
5. It improves our ability to write and develop a new language. Probably because I have been writing since sixth grade, I think I can write to such an extent.
6. Journaling provides an opportunity to take a look back at our life, like where we stand in life, what we have achieved, what crises we have overcome, and how we have gotten here.

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Journaling Tips for beginners

Here are some tips on how to start journaling.

1. You do not have to write in the book itself. Now electronic options are available, which can be made use of. I like the traditional way of writing it down.
2. Find a time when you can write - morning, night, evening. It will be different for everyone. Fix the time and follow it, use the habit tracker and keep track.
3. Most people are confused about what to write. Write about how your day is. Then you can analyze and write about yourself as a third party. Criticize yourself, advice ... so you can try things that are easy to do first. Then you can write about the things that made you tense and sad.
4. Your inner self will begin to reflect when you write. Then you will be facing what I can't explain here ... You need to feel it yourself...
5. Journaling is too personal. Do not share it with anyone. If we do, we will not be able to write honestly in it, and the purpose of journaling will fail.
6. It's not that you can only write, ... you can draw, paste pictures, express things the way you like .. there is no such special rule for journaling...
7. Let's talk about different types of journals in the future...

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Give Journaling a try

The most effective and free form of stress management therapy is journaling. what do you think about Journaling, do comment with your opinion? Support me by sharing and liking this. See u soon.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.



MG Singh from UAE on June 09, 2021:

Pretty interesting and illuminating.

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