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How He Rescued His Angel #9

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


But he would not listen to them, saying they have introduced him into the act, and coincidentally, his luck has found for him a good lady. When he does not listen to them, they leave him alone to his ways of life. Though the lady lives an average lifestyle before them

And has not really told the young man the kind of business she is doing other than she represents some consortium in the island, and they used to pay her in hard currencies. The young man believed her and would not pester her on her kind of business because it is good

To let it be like that, when the time comes and she wants him to know she will tell him she has said to others. Some have said may be he belongs to the armed robbers, but he has turned them down, although he asks her, and she said her kind of business though it is hard

But it is not armed robbery. He believes her and tells all that her business is delicate but not armed robbery. They asked why he is so sure and he says he is sure because they are always together at night and sometimes during the day she used to find occasions to come to

His work place and play with him. Having silenced everything that people are saying to discredit her and stayed glued to her he has won the heart of the maiden over. During the period when she was carrying drugs to other countries of the world she has made some

Money, part of the money which she has made has been converted to hard currencies and have kept it in a big safe at a place which is known to only her. Since she has found him to be faithful, she has went to where the safe has been hidden and taken the hard currencies

And she has brought them to him at the expiration of the 12th month that they have been romantically involved with each other. The young man who has not seen the kind of currencies before when was amazed when he sees the money and has asked her how she

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Comes about such a huge amount of money. She replied that what she has been hiding from him all these months she will open to him that night. She says he has been asking her of her kind of business and now is time that he knows her kind of business. She told him that

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She belongs to one of the drug cartels in another island, but her leaders and other group members have been arrested some killed and those not killed are imprisoned. She would have walked into their net if not that someone told her that she needs to go dark and she has by that

Left her island with the money she made which have been converted to hard currencies for easy carriage. Having gotten to this island she changed all her identities and kept the money at a safe place which she has not visited until that moment. The little money she has

Been spending was the one she has saved in the banks and which she knows would last her long enough till she gets what she wanted which is a clean person who will love her for whom she is and how she is. And having found you, I have gotten no issues at all as I have

Not spent half of the said amount too. She told him. This is what I have been hiding from you, and I would not know if you still will be interested in me? Looking straight into his eyes, he replied, that he loves her deeply and the past should be where it belongs. Do you

Have an intention of returning into the business he asks her. She replied that she has no intention of going back there, because her leaders have been arrested in doing that kind of business one needs strong back up, a big boss with influence with government leaders of the

World. people who do not have such backings would not make head way through in the business.


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