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How He Rescued His Angel #7

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The lady on joining the “special ladies group” as they are being called has not told them the details about herself other than that she is new in the area and everything is boring to her, she has asked of how she can get her boring posture off her and the people she has talked

With have told her that the only place where she can take off her boringness off her is the joint where she has walked to. She has not been frequent at the joint for she wants to play safe, however, she does come occasionally. This day, she was very boring like never before,

And she desires to get the boringness off, thence she comes to the place and on getting to the place she settles down to some wine, with some ice being put into the wine cup as she was sipping her drink, using tooth pick to pick some of the fried meats she has ordered for

Which has been placed before her as she uses that moment to join others at the hall to watch the football match that was being aired. There are people there who have placed their money on the teams playing they have been subsumed with the match they are watching,

Supporting their teams albeit remotely at the joint center and have placed little attention to other matters around, even the beautiful ladies who have been walking and swinging their waists around for those young men to notice and admire were grossly ignored by those

People, because those are not their priorities at the moment. Before any other matter matters to those people, it would be after the match has ended and the winners have emerged those who have won the bet could then be able to view maidens around and those who do not

Win would then cool their nerves with ladies around a maiden says to her friend who sat opposite her as they continued to drink their champagne in the hall. The hall is yet to be rowdy her partner replies her, because there are some in the rooms watching the match as

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Well and some are yet at their homes, immediately the match is over all those people would come out and then the place would become rowdy with real musicians playing to the admiration of all. That would be lovely, it means we are in for real fun today she says to her

Friend as the new lady listens to them. The lady is a member of the drug cartel from another island, who has migrated to the city some months back when she is being tipped off by a member of the cartel that their leaders and some other members have been arrested

And she also has been placed under watch by the law enforcement agencies. The man has thence strongly advised her that she should go dark because he also is going dark after the phone conversation. When she thought that over, she decides to move to another island after

She has returned from her trip and had converted her currencies to hard currencies which she has saved at a place which she only know. When those people entered the hall, they started looking at all the ladies, and while they walked to the reception table to order for

Things they will drink, his friends have pointed to the new lady around, they never knew she is new in the area. After pointing to her, they asked that he examined her even from that distance to know if he likes her or nay and she has replied that he likes her, for it is that kind

Of lady that he likes, thin and svelte in physique. After saying that, they infused confidence in him that he should approach her and start his acquaintance with her. He took his drink and walked to where the new lady is seated at, for no one has sat across her and he

Asks if she would not mind him sitting with her, the lady who is boring and looking for companionship told him that he is welcome as he draws out one of the seats to sit across her.


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