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How He Rescued His Angel #6

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On looking at his face, she sees love well written over his face, and his hand on her that day was different, she felt estrogen hormone running through her systems, she has never felt like that before him before, even when they are alone inside a room with no one at home, she

Never felt that, today, body is speaking, their faces are speaking to each other, and she feels she is on the top of the world in another planet even before his presence, she felt comforted and relaxed, she moves close to him, relaxing his hand, all ears opened to hear

What he has to say, and he says he wants them to ever be together. “I have been thinking about this for months, and I have known that it is you I want to spend the rest of my life with, you are the one who makes my heart skips a beat whenever I see you, you are the one who

Gives me comfort, I could not contain this in myself again, I want us to be going out, I want us to be ever together”, he has concluded. She has been expecting something like this for years, and now that the word is coming, there is no right moment than this she speaks to

Herself. Replying, that neither do I wish to spend a second without carrying you out in all of my activities again, then drawing closer to him, pressing his breasts against his chest as they passionately kissed each other. That was the beginning of their romantic relationship and

Their parents on getting to know about this could not antagonize it as they supported it. Soon they got married and gave birth to five children, three females and two males. According to what the star gazers have stated, their romantic relationship was wonderful, but

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They do not have money and were having terrible times feeding their children. The world has changed and education has been introduced into the island, yet their parents could not sponsor their children to school like other children. The first child dropped out of school and

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When the suffering was much, he migrated out of the island to another island, taken his life in his hands. In his pursuit to break the chain of poverty hanging over his neck reflecting on his life and that of his siblings according to the proverb of the island he got himself

Engaged in so many things within the place he has migrated to. He continued to do manual work because he does not have a certificate that qualifies him for a better job in the city he has moved to. His friends have been asking him about his girlfriend for months and he

Has been lying that his girlfriend is in their village whereas he has none there. One day, his friend would again ask him about his sex experience, he told them that he has no experience in that, for his girlfriend and him have not had a chance to do something like that

Before he leaves the island. Then his friend replied him that he is missing, that he needs to have experience in sex before he gets married, for if he has not experienced it, he will not enjoy it. Having said so many words to him in that respect he also desires to experience it.

When they see that he has the desire to experience it, they told him that they will take him to the joint where he will meet with beautiful damsels from who he can choose one and the person will take him to another world through sex. He agrees with them and after finishing

Their work the following day they went to the joint where they have spoken to him about. It was at the place that he got acquainted with one of the ladies there. The maiden too was new in the island, new at the place, and when they were brought together, the people who

Knew both of them are new in the area have said one to another that they are perfect match for each other, because both of them are new at the place.


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