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How He Rescued His Angel #5

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There was an instance that she has taken ill and has refused to eat all the foods that was given to her to eat, her parents have been afraid they have prepared for her concoctions that she needs to take but she would not take those concoctions. They have been afraid for she has

Not fallen sick like that before since the time she has been begotten by her mother up till that moment. Then, they were at a fix as per what to do about her health status, then, she has called her younger brother that he should go and call him for her. On hearing that she was the

One who has called for her, he leaves what he was doing and followed him to her, on getting to her place and was greeting her parents, she started adjusting herself on the mat where she lay restless all the day. When she entered the room where she was, on seeing her,

He told her that her brother never told him that she is sick, she replied with her head, and on getting close to her he asks whether she has eaten anything and when they told him that she has not taken anything all that day, he asks that they bring her food to him and on given

Him he started to feed her and she started taking the food. Her parents and everyone was surprised, someone who has not eaten anything since, then they gave him her drugs (the concoction) and she took it. Then everyone there was amazed and they started saying one to

Another that something deeper has connected them together. On another instance when she was on her way home from the market she has been accosted by some hoodlums. One of them has proposed to her and she has replied him that she is engaged, but the person does not

Want to hear that, he wants her to accept his proposal without saying no. However, he has given her sometimes to think about what he has said to her, thinking she would change her mind but she never changed her mind about him. As from then others who belong to the same

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Group as him have been trailing her, and on this day when they noticed that she has went to the market alone, they have sent someone to be monitoring her moves, while others lay ambush for her. She never knew anything and had walked into their net without knowing.

However, before they could touch her, as if the young man has known that she was in trouble on getting to her house and her parents have stated that she has gone to the market that he should wait for her that she will soon arrive, he has said he would trace her to the

My Angel

Market and they will return home together it was because he says this that he was able to rescue her from those hoodlums and beat them delivering her from their hands. She profusely thanked him stating to him that is it by force that one should be romantically involved with

Someone one is not in love with? And he has replied no. She thereafter narrated everything to her. After they got home that night, he told her parents that she wanted to take him to a place, and her parents have consented to his request and they headed for the house of

The person, there he warned them that they should not come near her again if they do not want their lives to be wasted. He was greatly feared in the island because of his physique. That was how he saved her from their hands and those people never troubled her again. From

This period, their love keeps growing and everyone has been looking forward to when they will come to them that they are in love. It was on a sunny afternoon that he proposed to her. That day, she has paid him a visit as she normally does and was on her way back to her

House when he pulled her hand back, asking her to stay back a while that he has something to speak to her.


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