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How He Rescued His Angel #4

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This being the situation on ground when her father and her mother met, though her mother says, she has been having a notion that her father would not deceive her yet she does not wholly rested on what he says to him because she does not want to experience what

Others who have been jilted before her experienced, she keeps the door to her heart slightly open watching out. Her father has promised that he would return to her at specific time, so that she would introduce him to her parents. She has decided that if he does not come

At the said time, nothing whatsoever would make her revert her decision of not leaving him, for one needs to lead the monkey into the wilderness before the monkey leads one into the wilderness is the saying of the people within the island and she really believes that is what

Should be done for liars and jilter. However, even before the said time, her mother states that her father ceaselessly comes to the island to play with her and it was during the process that their parents got to know him and her mother’s parents states that “out of the black pot

Comes white pap”, out of evil people one cannot but find those who are good, her parents have recommended that he is one of the good types and she should stay glue to him, adding that her parents have consulted the star gazers and they have approved their relationship. Not

Long after the approval that they got married and she was taken off the island to her husband’s island. It was when her mother moved to the island that she took in and was given birth to. The story of her spouse is however different from hers’. This is because her spouse’s

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Parents were native of another island. They were living in the island before and he has been given birth to there before his parents relocated to the new island which is the island of his spouse. His father was a palm wine tapper, and he has been living an average lifestyle in


His island before the unexpected happened. What happened was the destruction of many of the palm trees in the island by earth quake mingled with strange fire. The destruction was perverse and wide. The palm wine tappers in the island could not go to their work freely and

Thence they had to be rotating the work because they were many for palm wine tapping was one of the commonest work in the island those days. Those who have been rich among them fall into the average class while those who were averagely living fell to the poverty

Class. His father was one of those who fell to the poverty class. Because of the suffering that they are experiencing the people started seeking for alternative means. It was not long when one of them suggested that they move to another island since it is the work that they

Know how to do and could not do any other work. They thought about the island to move to and decided for her spouse’s island. On getting to the island they were warmly embraced and accepted by palm wine tappers in the island, one of the palm wine tappers is the father of

Her spouse. His parents got an accommodation close to the house of his spouse and it was not long after this that their parents became very good friends. As the friendship of their parents was growing, their children also become good friends, as his friendship with the lady

Keeps growing, it was not long before they know that this friendship would take them to places. Soon he notices that a day cannot pass by without getting close to her, and likewise her, if she has neither seen him not talked with him in a day, her day has not been completed and everyone within her family would know that something was amiss.


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