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How He Rescued His Angel #3

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The young lady sighed heavily, making a sound with the tongue as she hits it with the palate to make a “tuk-tuk” sound, then nodding her head in acknowledgment of the recent words heard and decides that she will have to stay with the one she has been in love with

From another planet before they were given birth to and on getting to the planet called earth they had found themselves, loved each other and had continued their romantic involvement one way or another with each other. This is how their love come about. Her

Mother is a native of another island who has been found by her father during one of the local inter-islands drumming competition. The entire region is known to be good drummers in the ancient days, and indeed it has been stated that many if not all the islands within the

Region those days was inhabited by the ghosts and spirits of the wilderness, it is a widely speculated history among the people of the region that it was the drummers who have used their drums to chase off those demons from those areas and thence made it habitable for the

People of the area. Thus, in acknowledgement of what they had done in the region (which comprised of about eight islands of almost equal size in population) the leaderships of the islands that comprise of the island have decided that they shall be organizing drummer

Competition yearly among the drummers of the region to choose the best drummer and give him or her an award. Although it was not common for ladies and women to be drummers those days, but we have found some among ladies and women of the islands who have


Demonstrated rarity and became drummers, and such people have also been incorporated into the competition, and as the history has it, there has been an occasion when a lady got the second position during the competition. However, after her case there hasn’t been any ladies

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Among those who have shown interest in drumming who have gotten so close to her position. However, there are still ladies who are trying. During the hey days of her father he has been among the drummers who have been selected to represent their island at the grand

Finale. The venue of the competition every year is being rotated, the island that host the competition a year would not be island that would hold it the following year it would be moved to another island, this is done so that each and every island would enjoy the benefits

And dividends associated with holding the competition. The island of her mother has been the place where the grand finale of the drumming competition has been moved to that year and her father has been among those selected to represent his island. It was when he got

To the island that he finds her mother and they fell heads over heels in love with each other before the competition ends. Her mother according to what she told her thought he was bluffing that he really loves her, because there had been guys like that who have promised

Heavens and earth that they love some of the ladies of the island but who later dropped them, jilted them after those ladies have relied on them and rested their loves on them like a man who after a hectic day’s work in the farm rests his body against a tree, but who does not

Know that the caterpillars and other insects have eaten deep into the fabrics of the tree and on resting on the tree the tree have broken suddenly with the person fallen flat. That was the similitude of what happened to those young ladies those days and they had cried and cried

With none to comfort nor console them. Thence, many parents and some adults in the island used to warn their daughters against fallen in love with guys from her father’s island because they are full of deception and some have said that they do not think there is any Sincere person among them.


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