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How He Rescued His Angel #2

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When they got to the star gazer that her mother has taken her to, she also uttered the same thing and said their coming together to be married is also verily rare, stating professionally and quoting some statistical figures as if she has conducted some research into such

Phenomenon on selected regions of the island that it is only 0.1 percent of such coupling from the world beyond that really comes to pass on the planet earth because many of the things on the planet earth work against the establishment of things on the earth. The earth

Itself works against such things because the powerful ones on the earth would not want such to come to pass, some enemies would not want it to come to pass, those who have been appointed to negate such would also rise against the coming together of such coupling and

Marriage in the world. Having heard these she and her mother were elated. However, she has pressed the star gazer further to know what would be the lot of their financial status, having now confirmed that they have been ordained from the world beyond to come together


As one, she also desires to know how and what would be their financial status if they be married. The person looked into the firmament for a while looking at their stars again as she has presented the names of her partner to her and declare that things would be verily rough

With them from the inception, and really to the middle phase of their lives but if they can endure those trying moments with their children, it is certain that they would leap for joy when they got out of the phase and are headed for the last phase of their lives on earth. she

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Seems not comforted with what she has heard and asks if she could look for someone else because she really wants to start enjoying from the inception, her parents do not have money and this has terrible effects on her and her siblings, she would not want to suffer again she

Wants to break the chain of poverty in their family she wants it come to an end on her. The woman replied no one has it all rosy from the beginning to the end of their lives while living on earth. If one does not pass through hardship at the beginning one would pass

Through it during his or her middle life and if it does not occur during that phase, at the last phase of life those people would pass through hardships. She told her that those who pass through hardships at the last phase of their lives really had terrible times, because they

Suffered greatly and died suffering, but those who suffered early and or during the middle phases of their lives have advantages of getting out of those sufferings and ending their lives in bliss, but anyone who starts suffering at the last phase of his or her life on earth the

Chances that the person would come out of such is rare and most of them usually died suffering and that is verily bad she would not even wish that for her own enemies, it is better one suffers very early in life and end his or her life in enjoyment she said to the young lady With her mother.

Note: Star Gazers are also call fortune tellers in the island


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