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How He Rescued His Angel #13

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


He replied, that is a good way to start. Those lawyers appealed his case, and after months of defending her at the law court, the jurists reduced the sentence to thirty years imprisonment out of which she has spent some years according to the lawyer after

Interpreting the judgment to his client. The young man keeps visiting her, talking to her, telling her about the progress in the companies and that some other companies are contacting him and it is likely he starts another major business and extend the business to some other

Continents of the world. the woman was happy for those development and told him that he yet needs to get another beautiful damsel to be married to, because the length of years before her is still much all thanks to him for appealing the case. He told her that she should

Not worry about him, all his mind is on her, and no woman has ever appealed to him and none would ever appeal to him. Well, I am just an angel sent to help you and I think I have fulfilled my part you also need to be happy, my punishment is a just one, you do not need to

Share in it, she keeps telling him. The young man heard him but never listened to what she is saying, his friends and siblings also told him to forget all about her, but he would not listen to them, claiming that they do not know what she meant to him assuming they have

Known what she meant to him they would not be making such suggestion, “she is my everything in the world” he has stated to all. As he continues to hope against hope, one day, one of the politicians in the island contacted him for assistance, having known that his

Business is flourishing that he needs financial backing. The politician never knew that there is still hard currencies on him, he was only looking at the growing business and has asked for assistance. Then he told the politician that he is ready to support his bid, but he also

Needs to ask him for a favor so that when he wins the election he will promise to do that for him. They discussed about the deal and the politician promised that he will do that if he can support him and finance his political campaign and when he wins the election, he will do

That as granting the lady a political pardon as it is usually being done during Independence Day and some other special days. As they have signed the deal. The young man took 10 percent out of the hard currencies to finance the political campaign of the man.

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The Political Analysts of the island states that they have never seen a politician in the island who have spent such amount of money during the political campaign in the island. He has silenced all oppositions. The survey polls conducted before the election was in favor of

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The man he supported. Before the election is conducted whenever he visits his love in the prison he will tell her to keep hope alive that he is trying to appeal the case again that he has gotten another evidence that would prove her innocence. The young woman would laugh.

I am not innocent, please do not do anything stupid she will tell him. And he will reply that I am not given up on you, as long as I breathe, and as long as our business is thriving, I will make sure that you are out of this place even well before the years you have been

Sentenced to, he would say. Well, all I am saying is do not do anything stupid. My heart is at rest since I see someone I can handle the money over to, assuming the government confiscates all I have, I would have died in sorrow, but since, the ones on you couldn’t be

Traced to me, for all they are thinking is you built your wealth all alone without my support, I am contented and happy with that, she would tell her. He continued to visit her every month, buying beautiful things for her, which makes other inmates to be telling her that

She really has a god sent lover, he is your angel they will tell her. The day of the election draws nigh, and he again injected another fund into the political train of the man he is supporting claiming the money is an excess profit during the month. During the election he

Won the election hands down. After he has won the election and he has been sworn in, he told the man, I do not want contracts, all I am after is grant my woman political pardon. After due deliberation with the Attorney General of the island, they told him how and when

To grant the political pardon and this was done. The woman was surprised when she was contacted by the prison wardens that she has been granted political pardon by the government of the island. He has been waiting at the entrance of the prison for her, and when she gets out

Of the place, they embraced each other warmly. He instantly placed a call to his friend’s private line, profusely appreciating him telling him that his woman has been released. The following day they traveled out of the island the following day to spend months overseas enjoying….



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on December 22, 2020:

Umesh Chandra Bhatt Thanks, I really appreciate your comment, it is soul lifting. Continue to Stay Safe!

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 21, 2020:

Fantastic presentation.

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