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How He Rescued His Angel #12

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After her fingerprints have sold her out, they invited her for interrogation and was detained. She was there for days with the young man still visiting her. Initially, the government of the island used to kill the drug carriers and those who have been implicated in

Such deals. However, the Human Right Activists have found this act and law barbaric and have demonstrated within the island that government have to reverse the law. This demonstration has taken days, which has taken the members to the United Nations, while

Some lawyers among them have filed cases against the government of the island not to be killing people like that, for many of them have become drug carriers when there is no job within the island, and they need to find something doing else they would become hardened

Criminals, armed robbers, and terrorists. The case has been dragged for years before the government of the island reverse the law that the people caught with the act should be sentenced to life imprisonment among others as the jurists find seemly fit. However, some of

Those people when they are imprisoned die in the prison. Their deaths have been complicated and many who know what the leaders of the cartel could do know that many of those who died in the prison were being killed by people who are loyal to the leaders of the

Cartel so that they would not mention their names and be sentenced like they are. Since the leaders of the cartel she belonged to have been arrested, she knows that she cannot be killed only that she may spend the rest of her life behind the bars. She has been defending

Herself well with the use of some lawyers until one of the ladies whom they used to carry drug together who has been imprisoned for about twenty years was contacted by the law agencies, she was the one who sold her out, stating emphatically that she is the one,

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Telling them different things about her and also leading them to some of the evidences she has hidden, for she was thinking she would be let off the hook after doing that, but the government do not honor the agreement signed with her after she has sold her out, she later

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Regretted her actions. Through her other details of her were gotten and she was arraigned in court of law where other evidence were presented against her. The jurists after close analysis of those evidence found her guilty and sentenced her to life imprisonment, and

Forfeiture of all her belongings within and without the island to the government. The young man was yet there with her even during those trial moments. When she has been sentenced, she told the young man to get marry to a woman of her choice, that she is

Suffering for what she has done in the past. The young man told her that he can never forget her, and as long as she is still alive he will always be paying her a visit in the prison custody. Though she has counseled her lover to get married to another beautiful damsel, but

Since he has the money, for all the money she has been given him and the young man has acted wisely by going about it the bank way thence, the source of his wealth remain hidden to people. Now he has chains of lawyers and could afford the services of any lawyer

Globally. He contacted his lawyer on what he can do about his lover, he opened up to the lawyer that truly her lover has done that in the past and she has opened to her but she no longer does that again and he wants to appeal against the case. The lawyers told him that the

Evidence presented before the jurists at the law court are rock solid and what they can only guarantee him is that the life imprisonment would be reduced.


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