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How He Rescued His Angel #11

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After the loans have been approved we shall start aggressive adverts on the social media, employ sales boys and girls to market the business among other things. When we are doing this, we shall be injecting some of the money bit by bit into the business and other businesses

That would eventually be opening because companies need people with liquid cash to transact businesses with. As we are doing this, the business would keep growing with no eye on the source of the wealth he says. She looked at him admiringly stating that he has come up

With laudable idea. They went to the bank and applied for the loans as stated with those landed properties and the loans were awarded to the young man. After receiving the loan, he starts the aggressive advert, employed sales boys and girls and soon his business becomes

One in the island. In the meanwhile, the last transaction that the lady did was complicated, as the security camera at the airport got the her details. It was her details that was gotten that was traced to those who were sponsoring her and they got them arrested

Imprisoned while some were killed. Some members of the cartel that escaped the raid told her to go dark so that she would not be caught by the law enforcement agencies and that was what she did, even changing her name and other things about her. Albeit her finger print

Could not be changed, and it was through her fingerprint that the security monitor has flagged her off as the one expected. She has been under the watch of security intelligence but without her knowing for years, until when she went to where she has hidden the money. It

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Was after she has taken the money that the security intelligence traced the person who sold the building and asks about the details of the person who owns the building from him. He knows nothing and had told them all he knows about the woman. The details he supplied

I Wanna Grow Old With You - Westlife

Corresponds to some of the details of the young woman and they continued to monitor her and her spouse. However the young man was clean nothing could be traced to his life, for they have traced him to his island and had discovered that he was clean although from a poor

Background. They continued to monitor them, and when the young man started the business on a small note, this really confused them, for assuming she is the one who is his financier, he would have started on a bigger note they have posited. The confusion this has

Drawn does not make the security agencies to focus the young man and had kept their focus on the lady. The young continued to make progress in the business and they are living a happy life together as couple. Soon the young man diverted his investment by going to his

Island to start sawmill industry there. In his island he makes use of cheap labor and the natives of the island were really happy that he has come to establish something like that in the island. As the business in the city is growing so is the new business, the saw mill industry,

And it is even attracting more customers now. This has given the man the boldness to contact another bank for loan to expand the business. He now applied for bigger loans, all of this is to hide the source of the wealth because half of the hard currency has not been spent.

His businesses keep growing and the lady is thankful that she has not ignored her instinct when she comes across the young man. The young man too is faithful to her in all respects. Through this means the source of the wealth again could not be traced. This

Confused the security intelligence and since he is not the one they were after they left him off the hook and focused on the lady.


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