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How He Rescued His Angel #10

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Apart from this, I think it is time I also settled down and have family of my own, having found you, I do not want to leave nor ever lose you again, for you are the kind of man I have been looking for. I have made enough money that can help us start a flourishing business and

I am convinced within me that with this money we can make it big anywhere in the world, she concluded. That is good he replied her. I also do not wish to lose you, for really since the day that we have come together you have become a source of joy to me, he replied.

The young man speechlessly looked again at the currency before him, as he is surprised and starts to think that he thought she was bluffing and had wanted to keep him to herself by what she says when they first met however, since he also has no one, no lady in his life all

Along, it was thence not difficult for him to keep the end of the bargain. The lady burst his thoughts by asking him what he is thinking about. And he replied that, he was really not expecting that, and had thought she was bluffing when she says she will change his life and

That she is an angel sent to him if he can keep the end of the bargain. Since I have no love experience before, I do not have difficulties keeping to all you have said, but sincerely speaking, I have never had an inkling of something like this and all I am doing I am

Genuinely doing for the sake of love. She replied that she has known that, and she would have protracted the studying but having known that he is sincere, therefore, she has reasoned that it is of no importance suffering ourselves when we can start something worthwhile, that

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Is why I am coming forth now. As stated the kind of business has made me travel wide and far, but I have not found someone faithful that I can really call mine, thence I keep being a lone ranger woman in the world. Having discovered that you are different and you fulfilling

The end of the bargain, I think to be fair to you and me, I need to fulfill my end of the bargain earlier than expected she said. This is a life changing surprise he replied her as he thanked her profusely, telling her during their earlier days together he used to wait for the

Westlife - When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Official Video) with Diana Ross

Surprise package every day, but this has been a bigger surprise, more than a surprise as they embraced themselves and had lovely and wonderful romantic moments together. He asks her of what she thinks they can do with the money, and since the money is yet in hard

Currency how do they go about it? She replied that, he should think about the business that they can venture into, and then they shall change part of the money to start the business. They need to start low, as if they do not have money, while they will use part of the money to

Buy plots of land. He replied that is a good plan. Then he told him that he needs to open a bank account like other business people, some of the changed money could be saved in the bank account she has told him. The young man started a business gets it registered in the

Island. And after a while the young man told the lady that something comes to her mind and it is that they should approach the bank for loan since they have bought a land they have collateral that could be used for the loan. As you have been stating that we need to hide your

Identity as well as keep the source of the money off the radar of the public and other scrutinizing agencies, I think what we need to do to maintain a clean slate is this, we need to approach the bank for a loan and using those landed properties that we have gotten as Collateral in banks.


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