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How He Rescued His Angel #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


There is a common proverb among the people of the island that there is no how that parents of children would be battling with abject poverty and it would not be reflected on the lives of their children. This is verily true of the family that he comes from, because his

Parents were in abject poverty, they also had the believe that things would change for them when they got married for they had went to the star gazers of the land to seek for what their future looks like if they get married to each other, and those star gazers they have contacted

Had told them that they had a promising future if they can get married to each other because they have been destined to be lovers from the world beyond but before their blessings come, they would surmount mountains. Since they have come together now,

Wanting to make the will of the gods fulfilled by getting married to each other, it is verily true that their lives shall be an enviable one among all the lives of their contemporaries within the island the star gazers have stated. Their coming together to be married is a rare one, those

Star gazers have stated because only limited number of people who have been destined to be lovers from the world beyond really got to the world to become lovers, for myriad of reasons ranging from individual to family, friends, location, environment, religion among

Others many of those who have been ordained from the world beyond, most of those who have been lovers in another planet when they got to the world the situations around them in the world makes them change their dispositions and since they could not see beyond their

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Nostrils thence, they would not be able to get married to each other. In fact, one of those star gazers they have contacted has asked that they congratulate themselves for actually finding a person they have been in love with from the world beyond to become engaged to in

The present planet called the earth. The earth that negates many of the establishments of the gods and always trying to negate and cancel many of the establishments of the gods from the world beyond. Having said this to the duo when they went to the star gazers together, they

Also held their heads and congratulated themselves for finding each other against all odds and that they shall bring to pass the fulfillment of the gods for their lives while on the planet. The lady who was engaged to the man thought the man may have made secret arrangement

With that star gazer, for that has been reported among some spurious guys in the island. Due this she privately went with her mother to another star gazer very far away from their island to make inquiries into what her future would be like if she be married to the young

Man she is really engaged to. It is true that she really loves the young man, but on seeing the hardship that one of her friends who has recently been married to her heart throb passes through she reasoned within herself that love alone is not want count in having a good and

Wonderful home and has asked her mother to take her out, take her to another star gazer outside the island to make inquiries from the person. Her mother knows other star gazers because she was married into the island and was not a native of the island by birth but by Marriage now she has become a native of the island.


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