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How He Breaks Forth #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


After talking to the person, showing him some of my writeups, the person has invited

Me to the city, and there he asks me to write some stories, after I have written those short

Stories, he told me that those stories could be turned to a big book if we work together,

And I replied him that it will be my joy if we work together and turn the short story into

Novel that people could be reading, for he told me that, such will fetch more money than

Short stories. After given him a go-ahead to make the needful adjustments to the story

And add his own to the story, before I know it, the short story has been turned to novel

And that was what we were doing, I will write short stories, and he will modify them, turn

Them to novels, some that he could not modify he will leave like that. Then one day, since he

Has been in the system for a while, he called me to tell me that three of our works have

Been Nominated by some authors for award in the city. I was happy, because, even if we do

Not Win the award, I know, I am gradually leaving the cauldron of darkness to limelight,

Unlike being in the estate that I have been all along which is darkness. Then as fate will

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Have it, one of the works won an award, and we were invited to receive the price. The money

Associated with the award was what brought about my breakthrough, and since then,

With my partner, we have been winning awards for writing inspiring stories. As young

Chaps who wish to go into something like this, the first thing to know is that it is not

Everyone who Starts writing that will be known immediately he or she starts. You perhaps

Top inspiring songs for success in life student

Would have heard the stories about some people who their first works hit it big, but for

Some like me our works do not hit it big until several years after we have started writing. So

For some of us whose works take a while before they are being appreciated, what keeps us

Going is the love we have for the work, for assuming we do not have flair for writing like

My other Partners were, we also would have backed off and move into another thing as my

Partners Were because there are different paths to success, but the path chosen by anyone to

Success one needs to have love for it before the success comes sometimes. Therefore, if

You have also been having the notion that I also had before, as being passed on to us when

We were in High School that people of the pen makes it within short frame of time, you

May miss it outright and may start envying those you ought not to envy, lose focus on

What you wish to achieve. To be a good writer, the love must be there, and you must always

Be developing yourself, share mind with people like you. We are in a time of the internet,

And the social media, to share minds with people is not difficult now unlike in the time

Pasts, all you have to do is be registered with some of the groups where authors and writers

Are and by that you can be sharing minds with one another through the medium and you will

Be honing your skills. After he finished with them, they were glad that he has shared his

Past with them and has told them some of the things they have to do, to keep going as writers.

One of the people who have come to him would go ahead to win a writing competition in

The island, he with one other person have been good partner and have about ten novels to

Their credit, five of which the education management of the island have recommended for High School pupils.


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