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How He Breaks Forth #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


A onetime local writer in the island, which was of about 20, 000 in population was sharing

His experience with some young chaps from his island who had gone to him for counseling

And asking for what they can do to become renown in the art of writing. He told them that,

Writing has been his hobby since his High School days, that was why he joined press club

While in the High School, with the mind that he will study linguistic or English in the

Institution of higher learning, but because his parents were poor and he couldn’t sponsor

And he has been the one responsible even for the education attainment he had achieved,

He could not further his education after the high School. However, because of the flare he

Has for writing, he has called on some of his friends who were also in the press club and

Shared his dream with them that he will want them to continue with the press club after

Their High School. Those friends have been elated with what he has said, and they formed

The Press Club, writing some articles about the island, and some of the news about the

Surrounding islands that they heard are of note they will put down and publish for students

And some learned fellows to be buying. They also have it in mind to be writing some short

Stories on the articles. After they have outlined what they wanted to do, they are now faced

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With how to raise money for the work which they wanted to be doing. And then,

Computers were not as this in the world, it is only limited places within the island that

Computers could be found then, not to talk about phones, indeed then, very few People have

Access to phones then unlike now. We have suggested that we shall contribute tokens

Among ourselves to set the project rolling, and everyone of us have went to the farms to

Do menial jobs to raise the money to start the work because we have faith in it that if we can

Start something like this, as some of our teachers in High School have stated that people

Who write stories break forth easily. With this enthusiasm, it was not long before we all get

The take off money that we have earmarked for ourselves. We bear in mind that we shall in


No distant time break forth and the chains of poverty on us and our families broken, but we

Are sordidly mistaken as what we had hoped for never happened, because our works were not

Appreciated. We still continue to write, but after a while, some of us who could not see the

Reward for their works in terms of money, grow weary of writing and pulled out, with

Many of them traveling out of the island for work at other islands. Since I do not know

Anyone, I could not travel out of the island. Those who traveled out of the island because

They do not have flair and deep sited love for the work, eventually would not continue

With the work and have deviated to other businesses. But deep within me, I know the interest

Is there, and I really want to continue with writing, therefore, I used to go and do hard labor,

After working for weeks as laborers on people’s farmlands, the money I have gathered

From the work, I will use it in publishing the works I have put down. Interestingly, I was yet

Maintaining the name of the group which is called “The Light Publications”. Yet, I noticed

That my works have not been rewarded, but the dream and the flair were in me, and I do

Not want it to die. While I continue in this estate, “hoping against hope” that something good

Will happen to me one day. It was then that, one of us who have left the island have come to

The island to celebrate the December yuletide with his family, and when I saw him, I

Presented to him some of the works that I have continued to publish after they had left, he

Was surprised, and he told me that, he knows someone within the city that he works who

Likes people who write short stories like this, and that he will talk to the person on my



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