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How Hard Are You to Forget


How Hard It Is To Forget You

how hard it is to forget you
Ask my dreams
Every day your scenes show
Be it any day and night...

Have to break up with you
I am not allowed
I have to live
These are definitely not acceptable to me...

The distance is heard it disappears
Just don't keep your heart distance
Every complaint goes away
Just keep my wishes decorated...

I'll be waiting for me
I haven't forgotten you
You too are me
I will take you that moment… you too

Do not know how much suffering I am in this separation
Remembering you and crying
What should I tell how much I am suffering
Dive with your memories...

How did you like my separation
I'm your lover
Living in your memory
I'm crazy about you...

how hard it is to forget you
ask my dreams...

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About This Song

This song has been written mainly in the Hindi language and this song is very popular in Hindi, if you want to read it in Hindi then definitely read it is based on your willingness...

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CHATRA RAM (author) from BARMER INDIA on May 30, 2021:

Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

Thanks lot of Sir.....

Sankhajit Bhattacharjee from MILWAUKEE on May 30, 2021:

nice work...I do appreciate...

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