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Horse Polo and Romancing a Princess

An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.


The beginning

Captain Ravinder Singh popularly called Ronnie was an officer of the Poona horse. Earlier it was famous as Skinner's Horse and is now equipped with tanks,

The regiment however still maintains a fleet of horses. Ronnie was an adept player of Polo and was a member of the services team. His regiment had now moved for training to the state of Jind in Punjab. Ronnie was young and fit and in his spare time played Polo. He was just 26.

At the end of a hard day he was sitting in the bar with his friends when in walked Brigadier Danny Mishra. He looked at the young man and said, " I've been looking for you."

"What's the matter sir?"

"Nothing is the matter, except we have a game of Polo with the team of the Maharaja of Jind coming Sunday and since today is Friday you just got a day to get yourself fit for the match. It's going to be a 7 a each side and we have an Indian Lady officer as part of the Polo team"

"That's fine sir. but how come you going to play a girl along with us and what about the opponent; they may not like to play with a girl in our team"

Danny Mishra puffed at his pipe and said, "well there was a request from the Maharaja because his daughter Rani Jayalakshmi is going to be part of their team and he was hoping that we could have an opponent girl also in our ranks"

"You mean the princess Jayalakshmi is going to play in the match tomorrow? how good a horse rider she is?"

"I think she is damn good because she has just come back from England and has been riding English thoroughbreds and she is a wonderful player. I am told she is also a member of the Indian women's Polo team."

Ronnie took a swig from his glass of the Peter Scot whisky and replied, " its okay sir I'll be ready with my team coming Sunday."

Ronnie loved horse Polo and was looking forward to the match on Sunday. He was intrigued that a princess would be playing and wondered how good she was. In any case he thought it would be fun to play with the princess in the opposing team

Sunday was not far away and Ronnie and his team got ready for the match on the appointed day. The entire Saturday was spent grooming the horses and repairing the Mallets.


The match and much more

Sunday came fast and the day was well spent. Lieutenant Kavita also joined and got ready for the match. Ronnie was captain of the team and by10 a.m. on Sunday the horses and the players all reached the ground of the Maharaja of Jind. As you are all aware Polo is a game played on horses with 7 a side and needs a field at least 10 times bigger than a football field.

Ronnie could observe that the Maharaja's Polo playground was very well maintained and there was soft grass all around. Across the ground, there were beautiful Woods and a cool wind blew making everything look wonderful and nice. The Maharaja arrived in his Rolls Royce and Ronnie observed that along with him sat a beautiful young girl. She could not have been more than 21 but her bearing and mien conveyed to all present that she was the princess Jayalaxmi

A brief introduction ceremony followed by a cup of tea was on the anvil for all the participants and as the waiters served tea and English cakes to the players Ronnie heard the Princess asked," who is the captain of the army team?"

"Your Highness it is Captain Ronnie Ravindra Singh"

The princes looked at Ronnie and said, " I knew you were the captain. I was just asking to make sure because the team and the player's list had already been communicated to me yesterday night itself."

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Ronnie looked at the princess and was smitten by her. She was absolutely fair with very big eyes and dark black hair with an extremely slim and athletic body. Ronnie bowed to her and said, "highness it will be my privilege to lead the army team against you and your team. Incidentally, who is the captain of your team?"

"I am"

The army Buglers now blew and the drums beat slowly signaling the commencement of the match.

The game now commenced but before that, the two referees on Horses entered the ground. They blew the whistle and both the teams rode in and the match commenced.

The game was to be in 7 sections of seven and a half minutes each. After the end of the fourth session, it was clear that the princess was a fine player and she was leading the Jind team skillfully. At that time the score read15-12.

When Ronnie looked at the scoreboard he was not concerned at all because he realized that he had not been playing at his best at all. He had been watching the movements of the princess. Sexuality is a part of life and there was no doubt that he was smitten by her. He was not concentrating on the game. The lovely girl was no doubt a wonderful player but he was both captivated by her lithe and slim body and flawless white complexion.

At the end of the 5th round, Brigadier Danny Mishra came up and said," What's wrong with you bloody man. What the hell is wrong with you? you don't seem to be playing your natural game at all. Is something on your mind. The score is now 20-18 so you might as well take the skinner's horse fast forward."

The penultimate 6th round now commenced and Ronnie now got into his stride and as the captain of the services team, he led the attack. In no time he had scored 6 goals and put his team ahead. The Maharaja's team incidentally had two English men also.

The last round began and the score was 27-22 in favor of the army team The Princess rode to Ronnie and said, " you are a wonderful player but why in the first five games you were not exerting?"

Ronnie looked at princess and said, " your highness I will not tell you a lie but I was captivated by you, as I have never seen someone so beautiful and more so as you ride a horse so well"

Hearing this the princess was flustered and in the 7th round, she played very poorly, and finally, the score read 32-23 and the army team had won. At the end of the match, there was a small ceremony again and a cup of tea and The Princess congratulated him. Ronnie looked at the princess and said, " your highness you were playing very well up to the 6th game. What happened in the seventh game?"

The Princess smiled and it was one of the prettiest smiles ever seen and she said, " nobody has told me what you told me at the end of the sixth game and obviously whatever you said I liked it very much, so I could not concentrate on the game. I wonder if it is possible before you go away to have dinner with me or at least have a ride in the Woods, it will be a pleasure getting to know you."

Brigadier Danny Mishra who was close by overheard the conversation and came closer and said, " your highness I have given a day off to Ronni and I hope you can treat him to a good dinner." Ronnie would have said no but with the Brigadier having decided he really had no choice.


Cupid strikes but...,.

The army team left and Lieutenant Kavita also went back but before she went back she told captain Ronnie, " look captain I had a crush on you but I guess the princess has a bigger Crush so I hope you stay here and find something good but come back"

In the evening he got a message The Princess would be waiting for him and she would like to go for a ride in the woods along with them

Ronnie came out of the palace and found two horses ready and very soon the Princess came. One look at her and he knew that she was a stunner; after all Royal blood has a meaning. Both of them mounted their horses and they rode out into the Hills. It was a wonderful ride and many a time they came close and the Princess held out her hand. As Ronnie grasped it, it seemed as if an invisible current traveled from one to the other.

After the ride, Ravinder went back to his room and got dressed for dinner. it was an exclusive dinner just between him and the Princess. They drank wine and talked a lot. The princess asked him how he felt his evening had gone. He told her that he loved it, more by the way she had conducted herself on the horse and he confessed, " your highness when I held your hand I felt an electric current pass through my body"

It was the end of the dinner and the Princess got up and then spontaneously they kissed. There was passion in it.

She broke the kiss and without saying a word went away. That whole night Ronnie did not sleep as the taste of the princess's lips lingered on and on. The next morning he got up and came out. The army jeep was waiting for him. He got into it and left. As he was driving away he wondered what was going to happen in the future. He didn't know but he wondered whether he would ever go back to the princess as she also was captivated by him but then that's another story.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on December 18, 2020:

Pamela, your comments are so refreshing. Thank you

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on December 18, 2020:

Thank you, Meg, for sparing time and commenting

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on December 18, 2020:

I enjoyed reading this story, MG. I think Ronnie will return as he was sure smitten with the princess.

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on December 18, 2020:

I was waiting for the rest of the story. Hope it will be available soon!

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on December 18, 2020:

Thank you, Rosy, it was nice that you spared time and commented.

Rosy Domingoes on December 18, 2020:

I am from Goa and I enjoyed reading this story. I would have been happier if the captain had taken the princess with him.

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