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Hope Harbor Series by Irene Hannon

I am a book nerd, wife, mother, educator and interior designer. I read Christian fiction because I find it uplifting in a world of chaos.

Hope Harbor Series by Irene Hannon

What to Expect

I have read many Christian Fiction series. Some I have felt should connect more with the previous book, some have amazed me with their continuity. This series is one that I have been amazed at. Irene Hannon has woven a location and characters throughout this series. After reading the first book, I thought there is no way that she could continue to bring the homey feeling of Hope Harbor to life once again. She did! Each story tells its own unique story that endears you to the characters. It also carries the small town characters throughout the series.

What is Hope Harbor?

This entire series is set in Hope Harbor, Oregon. Each book reflects the small town feel. The characters naturally carry over from one book to the next. The essence of the town is one that many would love to live in. It is a place where the characters help each other when they are down and out. The citizens of Hope Harbor have a "one for all and all for one" attitude. The town epitomizes the examples of values that Jesus Christ set for us. The Golden Rule is followed and encouraged.

Hope Harbor is a place you would want to move to and raise a family. It is the essence of all-American and apple pie.

Beloved Characters That Carry Throughout the Series

Charlie Lopez, the taco maker, is the town's beloved sage. He dishes out sound advice all the while serving fish tacos that have made me personally crave some. He is also a talented artist. He focuses on the heart of man and not what he sees or hears. If we could only all look at the heart of man much like Charlie does.

Pastor and priest, are two fun character's that Irene Hannon has added for comic relief. These two are peas in a pod. They are best buddies. They also are sparring partners with humorous, light-hearted teasing between them. Hannon has shown, yet again, how the heart and not our perceived differences, are what should be uppermost in our minds.

Eleanor, a retired, elderly lady, that bakes for anyone that ever visits her. She is always offering sweet treats for those that need encouragement or company. Her chocolate fudge is the favorite of the townspeople.

Each book will also mention the main characters in the following books after they are first introduced. This allows the reader to not feel like you have forever forgotten the characters you came to know and love in the preceding books.

Pelican Point

Places of Note Within Hope Harbor

Cranberry Farm

This is a locally owned and operated farm that also sells homemade cranberry bread. This is a staple of Hope Harbor.

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Charlie's Taco Stand

This place is run by Charlie Lopez. He has extremely random hours. The citizens of Hope Harbor never know for sure if Charlie will be operating his food truck or painting in his studio. This is the go to place for sage advice and delicious tacos.

Sweet Dreams Bakery

The cinnamon rolls are infamous in this small town. If you ever want a delectable sweet treat this is the place for it!

Lavender Farm

This is a beauty of a place on the outskirts of Hope Harbor. It also has a tea room that serves the delicious lavender shortbread made by the owner and operator.

All of these places and many more help to make the quirky, storybook town of Hope Harbor one of dreams. As you read through the series, you feel as though you have lived or, at the very least, visited this quaint town.

Overall Review of the Hope Harbor Series by Irene Hannon

I cannot recommend enough, this series for avid readers, especially ones that love Christian Fiction. These books are extremely well written and capture the audience's attention from the first few pages. Irene Hannon had me spell-bound. I anticipated each book as it was released and loved each one! I was never let down by each consecutive sequel that was released.

These are light romance, but primarily filled with uplifting messages and examples of how Christians should live out their lives. It shows characters going through tough times and learning to lean on Christ throughout.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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