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Hope and a New Beginning

I have been writing poems and short stories for years, some of which I have published independantly. I also blog. Writing is a loved hobby.

Time To Move On

Time To Move On

Moving On, Because Hope

I would not be so irresponsible as to tell people to go unmasked during a pandemic. Whether someone chooses to wear a mask or not, let us be reminded that we, to a degree, are responsible for each other. To a larger degree, we are responsible for our own health. This is important. Stay healthy, and let's beat this thing!

That said, the point of my little blurb here is that : It is time to move on. Let not fear get into the way of us living and working, interacting and socializing.

My elderly aunt, a member of the most vulnerable age-group, said it aptly, "I might have feared this virus in the beginning, but not anymore. It has stolen too much of my life away, I have wasted almost two years being sequestered away in the hope that I might live a little bit longer, stay healthy a bit longer. But in truth, that was no life. I am old. I should get to live my life, however short it might be. Let me out. If I die from this disease, than so be it. Or I might not die or even get infected. Get over it! I could die literally any day now, old as I am, from a number of natural causes. Don't make everything about this virus! So what if I have the flu, or the aches, or the short of breath? Do you think I haven't experienced any of that in all the decades that I have been living?? Go on with yourself. I want to move on."

And she did, still does.

Of course this doesn't mean that she doesn't care about others, because she does. My aunt is a mother-hen, she would always remind us to be careful. Her minor rants was not to tell others how to live their lives, but how she wants to move on and live hers. In the spirit of public service, I also have this to say, "Always be responsible. Do not take anything or anyone for granted, especially that which means the most to you."

But, life is stifling when the air is sucked out of it. Take that as you will.


Such Is Fear, It Cripples Life

Many people seem to forget that other viruses and diseases existed or exist. I won't even get into the facts of it since anyone can do their own research and read history. However, for the longest time, all I heard was "Covid-19! Oh no! New variants! Oh no! Vaccines! Yay! But it's not working! Oh no! More new variants! More jabs! Not effective! Oh no, oh no, oh no...!"

Someone died because they were murdered, yet there was barely any mention of it. Robbery, rapes, domestic abuse, horrific accidents, all pushed to the background. Earthquakes? War? Famine? Bah, what of it, old news.

Someone we knew died of AIDS in my neighboring town, yet it took us weeks before the news reached us. It used to be that someone died, and we'd get the news within hours, if not minutes.

Remember AIDS? It used to be this really, really scary, highly infectious disease.

Despair and fear fill the air, to the point that phobias are produced.

I read recently of a woman who insisted all her co-workers wear masks, during a zoom meeting, no less, because she had acute phobia of unmasked faces. Yet another individual had the opposite phobia, fear of masked people because 'the masks meant that the virus is always around to get me".

I won't make fun of them, but it's hard to not facepalm in the face of such, ahem, ridiculousness. Yes, I say that this is ridiculous.

Fear rises to such a degree that not only does it give birth to new 'phobias', but it also produces paranoia.

"Don't come near me, you might have the virus!"

This is the more understated comment. I have heard downright accusations, sometimes even between family members. It hurts the heart.

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"You didn't get the vaccine? You're infectious! Stay away!" Never mind that literally anyone could get a virus (any virus, not just covid) and infect anyone if he or she is irresponsible and come into close contact with someone when unwell.

Talk about social distancing; this is taking it to a new degree, an unacceptable one.

Where is life? What is living anymore, when fear and paranoia exist? Are these what determine our lives now?


Hope, As I see It

Do you want to know what I am afraid of?

Well, I'll tell you what I'm not afraid of anymore, if ever. I'm not afraid of this virus, or any virus for that matter. I do think that the virus is real, yes, and people have been and are still getting infected. Like my aunt, I live a life, and I have seen what diseases can do. My beloved oldest sister went to be with the Lord on January 1st, 2021; she had stomach cancer. She fought bravely, her family by her side, for three years, until the very end of her life on this earth.

That was New Year's Day, a day when the world, under normal circumstances (normal as we knew it), would celebrate with parties and fireworks, a grand celebration of new hope and new beginning.

Some people would ask, "Why would you have a hope and a new beginning, when on the day itself when a new year begins, you lost someone you love?"

People see tragedy, but I see Hope. People see tears and say, "Poor you!" I say, "She is well and in Peace now. God took her on this very day to tell us that when you have Faith in God, there is Hope for Life. She didn't go away; she went Home. God willing, we will see her again in Heaven."

My parents said, "She can't come back to us, but we can go home to her. Watch your step. Those who believe in God, go home to God. That is where she is now. Let's make sure we find our rest there too."


But first, earth.

What are we to do, here, now? Governments all over the world are upended in their efforts to "save the people'. But, really, what exactly are they doing? Is it working? Are they really helping? Are there conspiracies afoot, is there a more sinister plan taking place? Is this simply "bad luck"? Is it manmade? Is it natural? Are these foretold since centuries passed? Prophecies? Who do I believe, them or them? What's going on?

There are questions, and there might never be complete answers.

I know that the lowly citizens are getting caught in the middle, and suffering for it.

I know that I cannot see my people pinning their hopes on man (see, leaders) and waiting for further instructions on how to proceed, and getting railroaded every time because the light at the end of the tunnel seems practically non-existent at this time.

I know that whereas I do not fear the virus, yet I fear leadership which take advantage of their people's fear and insecurities to control and make decisions for us.

I fear that I might not have a voice anymore, because right now certain figures are taking it into their own hands to make their own voices heard, and pushing it unto others.

Hope, as I see it, is in that, I can take all these fears concerning what others are doing, and move on with life.

Life, under these circumstances, to be lived in peace, responsibly, to care for others and care for self. To live a healthy life, to make wise choices, to throw away harmful vices or habits. Hope is in seeing that under the most dire circumstances, when you look inward into your strong character and outward to help your fellow citizens, you do not accuse or judge, but humbly and contently live your life, do your work, not dictated by fear of lethal pathogens (as it were) or succumb to the rules of oppressive individuals with visions of grandeur.


A New Beginning

It is hard, if not downright impossible, to continue with life when you do not have hope. What is a new beginning when you feel like you have reach the end of your road and feel no desire to continue, when you see a dead end? How do you make a path when all you see is the mountain, or the jungle, or the predators surrounding you?

Well, mountains can be conquered, or they can be flattened, choose your path. Jungles are not so scary when you know you're not alone. Predators can be tamed when you do not run away, or you can just kill them when they attack you. Don't ask me how. You never know how much wiser or stronger you actually are, until you actually face your own fear.

I am not going to wax further poetic or spout endless philosophy. But this, this I will say, it is time to move on, and live life. Have Hope, let there be a new beginning today.

© 2022 Lynne Samuel

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