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Holiday Fashion Adventure With This Adorable Mouse in Creative Picture Book from Fashion Illustrator Megan Hess

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Delightful Picture Book With Holiday Fashion and a Lesson in the True Christmas Spirit

Come along with Claris in Paris with fun holiday fashion and adventure

Come along with Claris in Paris with fun holiday fashion and adventure

Adventure In New York City With Claris and Holiday Fashions

Megan Hess's delightful picture book Claris: The Chicest Mouse In Paris Holiday Heist is here for fun reading for the holiday season. Claris travels to New York from her home in Paris to spend Christmas. She takes her cat Monsieur along for the trip. The family's home that Claris visits has a beautiful Christmas tree with presents galore around the tree. The family has a child who is known as the BRAT, and she makes a point by screaming that she needs to go out to buy more gifts. Claris must choose an outfit to go shopping on Fifth Avenue. How about an outfit designed by Valentino. or Chanel? Claris visits a jewelry store and here the adventure begins when she spots a thief. Claris chases the thief through the streets of New York. She sees the sights of New York City as she pursues this wily thief who stole the old man's wedding ring while at the jewelry store. Young readers will be surprised at the identity of the thief. The surprise ending will delight young readers with the demonstration of what Christmas is all about. The true Christmas spirit comes through for Claris.

Megan Hess writes with delightful rhymes to tell Claris's adventure in New York City. She incorporates her extensive experience as a fashion illustrator in her series with Claris, the adorable little mouse. The colorful fashions in Holiday Heist are presented in the Christmas colors of red and green. Young girls who are beginning to be interested in fashion will be delighted with the beautiful clothes that Claris models during her visit to New York City.

Claris: Holiday Heist: The Chicest Mouse in Paris is a fun choice in picture books for the upcoming Christmas season. It is recommended for ages 3-8. it was published by Hardie Grant Egmont and has an ISBN of 978-176050495-3.

Illustrations for the Christmas Season in New York City Add to Claris's Adventure


Bring Claris Into Your Classroom for the Christmas Season

My favorite time of the year was the holiday season for my students. Holiday picture books were my go-to accessory for teaching concepts during the Christmas season. Young children are always excited to discover new picture books for this time of the year. Megan Hess's Claris: Holiday Heist is a delightful choice for reading in your story time session in the upcoming Christmas season.

*Read Claris: Holiday Heist in your story time session. Call attention to the city that Claris is visiting. Have additional pictures of New York City at Christmas.

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*Call attention to the Christmas colors of red, green, and gold in the illustrations throughout the book.

*Call attention to the Christmas decorations of wreaths, bows, and the festive store windows around New York City as Claris pursues the thief that she encounters in the jewelry store.

*How did Claris implement her plan to catch the wily thief?

*What was the lesson learned with the surprise ending after Claris was able to return the ring to the old man from the jewelry store?

*Holiday Heist also offers an opportunity to explore rhyming words in a language experience for young readers. Hess writes in rhymes and young children will enjoy re-reading for a second or third time to discover all of the rhyming words.

*Prepare an art activity for young students to design an outfit for Claris. Drawing paper, markers and crayons in Christmas colors, glitter, and fabric can be offered for your young designers to create a holiday outfit for Claris.

*Add other art materials for children to create Christmas decorations for the season.

*Engage children in a discussion about the lesson learned about the true Christmas spirit with the surprise ending. How can we help people during the season?

*Plan a class project for children to bring in supplies or food items for donating to a charity for the Christmas season.

Enjoy Claris for this Christmas season!

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