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History Of The Ram Bridge Built By Lord Rama at Rameshwaram, India

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Ravana abducted their mother Sita and took her to Lanka. After crossing the sea and reaching Lanka, Raja Ramchandra returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana and rescuing his wife Sita. Every chapter of Ramayana written by Balmiki has a story full of tension and excitement. One of its important chapters is the construction of the Ram Bridge in the heart of the sea. Let's take a look at its scope and history.

Location of Ram Bridge

Dhanushkodi, in the southern part of Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu, is the origin of a stone-like bridge-like path that goes down to the bottom of the sea in the evolution of time. The last of that path is Talaimanna on Mannar Island in Sri Lanka.


The First Step In The History

According to Balmiki's Ramayana, while in exile, Sri Ramachandra's wife, Mata Sita, was abducted and taken to Lanka (Sri Lanka) by King Ravana. It is said that after reaching Tamil Nadu in search, Sri Rama finds out that his wife is a prisoner in his empire at the hands of the ruler of Lanka.

The Second Step In The History

According to the Puranas, Sri Rama became anxious to rescue Mother Sita. But to reach Lanka (Sri Lanka) you have to cross the sea. But how is that possible, Sri Ram wondered. Seeing no way out, Ramchandra started worshipping the water god Varuna. Worship lasted for three days and three nights. Not getting the answer from Jaldeva, Sri Rama decided to make a way to reach Lanka by killing Brahmastra in the sea.

The Third Step In The History

According to the Puranas, the god Varuna appeared before Lord Ramachandra just before throwing Brahmastra into the sea. He assured that he would help Ramchandra and his monkey army to build a bridge over the sea. The god Varun also suggested building a bridge with Nala and Sapphire, the son of the god Bishwakarma, who belonged to that monkey army. Because blessed by God, if those two monkeys throw stones in the water, it will not sink. Like that, Sri Rama continued to move towards Lanka by throwing stones in the sea one after the other. Nila took the responsibility to complete the work. It is said that Nala oversaw the whole affair.

The Fourth Step In The History

According to the old tradition, it took the monkey army five days to build the bridge across the sea. It is narrated in the Ramayana of Balmiki that after reaching Lanka, Sri Rama fought with Ravana and rescued Mother Sita.

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The present tense

Historically this stone bridge was built by Shri Ram. In the evolution of time, that stone path has gone under the sea. Later, various organizations including NASA conducted research on the subject. The period mentioned explicitly in each research paper is said to be in the vicinity of the Ramayana.


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