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His own


I know I'm a mess
Can't even identify my own self
I'm just trying to fit with the other s
And I just end up being like them

I should have known
Who was I really when I'm alone
But all and everything was end up to be lost
Somewhere I don't know that I'm loss

I adopt all of them in me
It's like a mess up symphony
Can't even find that me
All is left still it's a lost me

I don't know what I've done
I just forget who I am
I just didn't know where was I
Why I forget the last laugh of mine

But I can't keep going
Like someone stopping me from walking
The limit I'd still didn't reach
Feel like the weight was all over my body

I forgot myself
A mystery I'm trying to care
Someone makes me realize the consequences
The start that I left to forget

I can't just stay this way
I know I'll learn if I carry the weight
I just need to know the reason of weight
In order to light the weight

A man's pulling me is myself
I end up left him to fit somewhere else
What a coward myself
This will never happen again

My will to myself.


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© 2020 Xalice

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