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Hilary Mantel

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Hilary Mantel - Life and Works

Hilary Mantel is a writer who traveled on many untrodden paths in her life. The plethora of strange and heart burning experiences in varied spheres and the ability to recreate them imaginatively makes her a great writer who has something to offer the world. A writer who recreates the life in its varied hues and depicts inner reality to the readers in a credible way can only succeed in writing. Hilary Mantle can do it from the very beginning of her career as a writer. The awards and accolades won by her is a prove the fancies and fantasies depicted in her works have the prophetic truth only great writers strewn their works.

Hilary Mantel's Historical Fiction

The borderline which separates truth and reality is not much apparent in our life. It is similar in the matter of history and fantasies in imaginative literature. Hilary mantel's works – from memoirs to historical fiction – presents the human life as a whole with its idiosyncrasies and unavoidable tragedies.

Hilary Mantel - The Only Woman Writer Who Won the Booker Prize Twice, The Only British Writer who Won Booker Prize Twice

Hilary Mantel's fame reached its Zenith when she won the second Man Booker Prize in 2012 for Bring Up The Bodies, a historical fiction which is a sequel to the Wolf Hall, another fictionalized history which won her the first Booker Prize. Mantel's records put her in a unique place in the literary history as she is the first woman who won Booker Prize twice. The third part of the trilogy is The Mirror & The Light ( 2020.)

Thomas Cromwell's legacy

It is Thomas Cromwell's legacy that won her recognition. Mantel research for years on the controversial scheming and cunning politician who lived in the fifteenth century life through his known and unknown acts and philosophical moorings has paid her well. Hilary mantel tries to reclaim the truth about ill famed politician who was negatively painted by many of the historians and court chroniclers.

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Wulf Hall - The early life of Cromwell

Wulf Hall presents the early life of Cromwell, a man with working class family, and his gradual growth to the echelons of power and authority. His relation with Thomas Wolsey, the advisor of the king, his growth to the most powerful minister of the king Henry and his acts as the right hand man of the King are in this book.

Bring Up the Bodies - sequel of "Wolf Hall"

Bring Up the Bodies, is a sequel of Wolf Hall, depicts the master politician's tactics and tantrum to forefront. Cromwell's attempt to expel Henry's present queen, Anne Boleyn as he had found new object of his adoration and his personal motives behind it is narrated in a convincing manner.

Every Day Is Mothers Day and Vacant Possession

EVERY DAY IS MOTHERS DAY is the first novel of Hilary Mantel which is published in 1985. It is black comedy which is an imaginative representation of her own experience as social work assistant in at a geriatric hospital. VACANT POSSESSION is Hilary Mantel's second novel which is a continuation of the first novel. Both of the novels try to portray the unfathomable depth of human mind and confrontations which are internal and external.

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