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The Cutest Creatures at the Philadelphia and Melbourne Zoos

Claudette Carter, is thrilled to share the good news of Jehovah God's kingdom and its hope for the future with people of all nations.

The Philadelphia Zoo is Filled with Adorable Creatures With Personality

The Philadelphia Zoo is located at 3400 W. Girard Avenue, Philadelphi, Pa. It is presently open for visitors that must utilize proper distancing, along with masks during this time of the pandemic. An overview was given on the website by explaining, “ One of the best laid-out and most animal-packed zoos in the country, the #Philadelphia Zoo is set among a charming 42-acre Victorian garden with tree-lined walks, formal shrubbery and animal sculptures.” During my visit with friends everyone of these elements mentioned do allow this zoo to maintain high standards and continuity.

Philadelphia Zoo tout a historic background that is summed up by stating, “The zoo has garnered many ‘firsts’ in addition to being the first zoo charted in the United States (1859), including the #first orangutan and chimp births in a U.S. zoo (1928), the world’s first children’s zoo (1957) and the first U.S. exhibit of white lions (1993), among others.” To walk through this zoo that has been around for decades. lt‘s tree lined walkways give shade on hot days during the summer. During the fall trees change in awe inspiring colors. Jehovah’s beautiful creatures with their own individual personality is an asset along with its aesthetic environment. This zoo is definitely worth the visit anytime of the year.

A video from YouTube of a tour of the Philadelphia Zoo with its amazing features.

The Melbourne, Australia Zoo with Its Stunning Creatures

The astounding new series called, #Mega Zoo features jaw-dropping experiences that is, “Capturing the special relationship between the extraordinary animals and their passionate keepers at one of the planet’s largest and oldest zoos that is spread across three stunning locations in Victoria, Australia.” It is presented on the Animal Planet channel. A variety of dates are mentioned on the website such as “Saturdays, October 17th, at 10:00 pm, October 24th, at 10 pm, Sunday, October 18th, at 2 am, Tuesdays, October 20th at 6am and October 20th, at 7 am.“ These espisodes are filled with medical procedures where the staff started out 6:00 am. An elephant received anesthesia so they could remove a broken tusk. To see the veterinarian along with the staff struggle with this huge animal was astounding. Both tusks on the elephant were damaged but due to the amount of time it took to remove the first one due to their concern that the elephant would awaken. They decided to do the surgery for the second damaged tusk at a later date.

#Melbourne‘s Zoo is located at Elliott Avenue, Parkville V.l.C. 3052, Australia. This zoo is temporarily closed but the series Mega Zoo is still running on television. A description is given on the website which states, “Mega Zoo reveals the daily roller coaster of drama, emotion and humor with heart-warming and inspirational stories.“ l could not stop watching this program especially the segment called, Miska’s Big Reveal. “In the snow leopard enclosure at Melvin’s Zoo, three year old Miska is still having major contractions.“ Two of the keepers patiently monitored Miska like anxious parents. They laughed and said, ”It’s almost like she’s looking straight in that camera at us. I wonder what she’s trying to tell us?“ The female keeper Meryl laughed and said, “Get them out of me.” The narrator continued, “One healthy cub has been born but keepers Luke and Meryl have no idea how many more babies are on the way.” Miska the snow leopard went on to have two of her cubs. With genuine concern the narrator explained, “The third cub is trapped in the ambiotic sack. Usually, this will rupture before the delivery. Now Miska needs to help release her cub before it suffocates.” The third cub was finally born as Luke and Meryl were so relieved. The narrator advised us that, “lt will be eight weeks before Luke and Meryl will make their first health check on the cubs. Until then they will be using the den camera to make sure the little family are off running.“ Meryl laughed and said, “Three is plenty. She is going to have her hands full.”

It was terrifying to consider the challenges that the keepers would be confronted with. Now it was time for Miska‘s cubs to receive their health checkups and shots. The narrator explained, “But there’s still one major concern for the team. They will have to wait and hope that Miska will accept her cubs back after their first close encounter with humans. Luke the keeper said, “We certainly don’t want them smelling like us and not like cubs anymore or like her. If she does get quite stressed, she may decide that she’s gonna abandon them...” Miska did accept her cubs back after the shots and health checkups where they discovered there were two girls and one boy which Luke predicted.

Additional experiences were shown where Koala bears named Sky and Jeremy were shown. Sky was the mother of Jeremy. They were both burned in the Australian fires previously. The baby Koala bear had lost some of his fluffy hair and his ears were badly burned. Leanne the veterinarian said, “Jeremy is so incredibly cute...He’s had a pretty rough start to life.” Jeremy eventually got better and him and his mom Sky were taken to another beautiful location for rehabilitation. “You can only imagine the psychological trauma with the bushfires. This is really an opportunity for them to just allow that overall stress to settle down,” said Leanne. These two adorable creatures were thrilled with their new home as the episode ended. What personality the Koalas demonstrated which was given to them by our Grand Creator #Jehovah God.

Casting of Light on a White Horse Without A Prince

Perplexed, by the darkness that surrounds a hero
Beautiful warrior that was ridden into battles, clueless
He posed in the darkness for me
Hints of blue light, straddled his symmetrically shaped body
White and stone like, with saddle

More than ten feet high, you looked downward and allowed me to shoot
He posed graciously with a look of confusion
Camera moved in for a closeup
He smiled with a smirk, playfully
Darkness surrounded this beast, yet light did not forget him

Turned to the side, with ears at a stance
Can you hear my thoughts?
You have always been there for mankind
Whether during war when you died side by side
Or a joy ride where you galloped ambitiously

Darkness, does surround you
Still a thing of daunting beauty
Visceral, in your thoughts as to how you were treated
Understanding man's shortcomings
Are you a warhorse or a thing of statuesque solace

Scroll to Continue

You have my admiration
Whether a smirk or smile
Not abandoned or betrayed
My apparition within the darkness
Colossal, as my lens and the light captured you forever.

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