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*Higher Power*


Whatever Higher Power, Offered You To Me
Forever Am I Grateful
Of This Gift Of Pleasantry

I Will Prove My Gratitude
By Loving You So Dear
Never Will I Hurt You
I Will Always Hold You Near

In My Debt To These Gods
I'll Give You All I Can
My Endless Love Burns For You
You're My Angel, My Ten

I Will Do My Best
To Warm Your Heart
And Keep You Satisfied
I Will Do My Best With Everything
Cause, Alone, I Would Have Died

Alone In The Sense Of Never Knowing Love
The Bond That I Crave
You Fit Me Like A Glove
That Perfect Fit, The One I Knew I Needed
Secretly, Silently, For You I Always Pleaded

I've Always Searched For You
Even Prayed To The Unknown
And Now Finally.. After All This Time
And Waiting
My Angel.. You Have Shown

My Angel, You Have Risen.. Or Have Fallen From Above
To Redeem My Faith In Life
To Restore My Faith In Love

As I Thought You Would Never Come For Me
Despair Loomed Its Head
Making My Heart Feel Empty
With Sadness, Sorrow And Dread

Those Are Now Worries Of The Past
And I Couldn't Be More Excited
For Our Love Will Be A Crazy Journey
All Emotions Are Invited

I Want To Experience It All With You
I Can't Wait To Start
Our Life Together Will Be Perfect
Two Beings, One Heart

There's Nothing We Can't Do
If Our Love Is Strong And Pure
Together, Forever
Of This I Am Sure

You're The Last Piece To Me, Angel
The Puzzle Is Complete
I've Heard About This Thing Called Love
Man..it Sure Is Sweet

© 2020 Mike