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Hey, Maybe I Am a Poet After All: A Humorous Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


The trouble with poetry is it's often written to the sound of a drum only the poet can hear; nevertheless blessed are those poets who always manage to find unshakeable pleasure in their own work.

-- Criss Jami

Between my articles and poems the latter are read more

not that articles suck but folks don't like long reading

and poetizing is certainly lowering my overall score

but the less I write makes me more succeeding.

So during pauses when Muse takes time off

I really must be appreciated more than ever

for the less I am saying -- the less they scoff

articles trying in vain to make me look clever.

So there I wrote something deep, two thousand words

and one of my craziest poems beat it with great ease

well, people evidently don't like to be taken for nerds

so all that scientific crap was like I wrote in Chinese.

Who knows -- maybe I am a poet after all

hey, I see other poets writing crappy stuff

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so why take the risk of being called a troll

if fooling with my rhymes is good enough.

All that philosophizing, and oftentimes so odd

in those long articles trying to open some eyes

even blasphemous while disrespecting Mr. God

with those clumsy attempts to uncover some lies.

As long as I can keep this satirical style

and in a process not trying to play too smart

I'll be more than good enough for the Letter Pile

also quite possibly winning me many a friendly heart.

And then I'll be forgiven for still an article or two

when that smart ass in me has something to say

entertaining myself while surely boring all of you

but articles and poems will be like night and day.

Oh, I won't put them on diet, to make them thinner

I like them fat and wordy, as long as there's rhyme

no matter what -- my poetry won't be some winner

but loser among other losers each and every time.

Here, I can sense already a massive admiration

those lovers of a good satire must be clapping

my poetry will push for a standing ovation

after articles deserved merely napping.


© 2022 Val Karas

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