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Her Sweetness


Bitter sweet in the taste
It's the sweetest you will blame
Might fall in like a prey
But it wasn't meant to be

It's like a different danger
A start for you will be fresh
With a smile on the face
Not a trap for your own play

She doesn't give a care
When she look a different way
The sweet smile could play
But it's not meant that way

That sweetness can be the blame
It could be trusted and not at the same way
A disappointment to yourself
But it doesn't look that way

It's just her sweetness is limited
It doesn't need to be always that way
Know the limit of it
Like a limitless of a timer

The sweet was mess up
When the bitter taste do it's way
A hidden pain
Was all the start of maybe not hearing

Her sweetness was once sweet
But it didn't make things sweet
It doesn't ruin her thing
Just the bitterness can hide some sweet


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© 2020 Xalice

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