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Her Joke Splits Them

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The Beginning

When he sees her in the midst of her friends, his heart skips a beat and he knows immediately that this is the person his mind has been searching for, for years.

He therefore did not hesitate to get to know her better, becoming friends with her. As they continued their friendship; it wasn't very long that he made his intentions known to her.

Though she has seen the handwriting on the wall since the inception of beer coming together. For relationships that will eventually turn romantic, ladies usually have the premonition of what would eventually be the turn out of the relationship they're into.

Therefore oftentimes they would have made up their minds on what they will do when such intention is made known by their partners.

This is also the case with Debah for she has known from the very first time of their coming together that he will one day ask her out.

Despite knowing these as the attitudes of ladies are in their environment, when he asks her out she pretended as if the message was coming to her as a shock. She asked that she be given some time to think about it.

Unlike some ladies who would think about a guy's proposal for a year, she didn't keep him in suspense for long before she answered him.

It was a joyous moment for Femola when Debah told him that they are good to go.

Their romantic relationship was one of its kind in the neighbourhood.

Debah got a better job at the neighbouring town, with official vehicle, apartment, driver and servants that would be attending to her services.

She relocated to the new town to start her work effective immediately.

Her relationship with Femola however continues.

They discussed on when the solidification of their relationship would be because of the recent development with her. Femola however pleaded with his spouse to let them give it more time because of his fianancial status. As a man he needs to have saved some money for the capital intensive project of wedding but as at then he was living from hand to mouth.

Debah told him that what she has is his and they could make something happen with what she has now, but he wouldn't want that because he has to take care of his parents and siblings who will also be at the occasion and wouldn't want to be looking at her eyes nor asking her for everything he will need.

She agreed and they continued, praying and believing that something great would happen shortly.


The Joke

They usually talk on phone and the numbers of times they will speak on phone daily cannot be counted at least when she is not verily busy in her office.

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Even during occasions when she is busy she will yet squeeze time to mumble some things to her lover through voice messages or text him. That's how they have been going.

One day, he called her but she couldn't receive the call because of her tight schedule that day. This Femola doesn't know because they have talked prior the moment with promise to talk at length again soon. He has carved out time for their discussion unknown to him that the management has asked her to do something urgently.

It was while trying to execute the assignment that he called and she couldn't answer the calls nor call him back.

He was worried, what could have been the matter he said to himself.

It was about three hours after this that she was able to call him. While discussing she told him everything that has transpired leading to her not being able to answer his calls and apologized for it.

After this he said he thought she has followed Sugar Daddy out as he isn't on ground to keep her warm.

She also replied that she knows he will know he has followed Sugar Daddy out and they were really enjoying themselves when he called her.

This reply hits his heart like bomb and he started thinking so it wasn't the work that has kept her from him for this while.

Debah notices that he was dull on the phone as from this moment she replied like that.

She asks him what the matter was with him but his response was that everything was okay with him.

Since it was a joke on her part she did not count it to be anything.

Femola who has been gravely troubled by this statement became moody and his reactions to Debah changed. His call to her was diminished which she noticed and called his attention to but he will say all was well.

Since he keeps saying all was well she brushed that aside and thought it was part of him that she hasn't know when they were together.

However one thing keeps recurring whenever there is an occasion for them to talk he will refer to the issue of her Sugar Daddy which she will respond albeit with laughter that he is doing fine. Sometimes, she may even say she is with him at the moment.

All those replies he kept pilling up and wouldn't bother to diligently search for the truth of this for he has believed that she was speaking the truth unknown that she was joking with him.

Having no such Inklings before she couldn't have imagined him taking what she has said to be complete truth.


He Has Been Disappointed Before

Since they have not been living in the same town again and they rarely see unlike before he has been seeking for alternative her for he does not want to be disappointed like he has been disappointed by the first lady he has been romantically involved with.

Dokaso was a decent lady, chocolate in colour, oval face, 166 centimetres in height with slight bow legs.

Her perants are teachers of the only secondary School in the community then. Both of them are disciplinarians, they therefore brought up their daughter strictly. She feared and respected them, people even doubted if she respects God like she respects her parents.

To Dokaso was Femola romantically involved while in the secondary School. They have been stealthily dating without any of their parents knowledge.

They secured admission into the institution of higher learning in the community there they continued their love.

However, end comes to their romantic involment because of the untoward incident that happened to Femola while in the second semester of the 200 Level.

The management of the school has said the tuition fees is increased by 25% which would start from the new students.

However on getting to the department the Head of the department has said the changes affected all. This does not go down well with the students and they decided to stage a peaceful demonstration to the management of the school.

When the management of the institution saw them, they addressed them and the Head of the department was invited by the management.

After the management discussion with the Head of their department he returned furiously into the department and invited Femola who happened to be the President of the departmental students.

Talked at length with him about what happened. The Head of the department notices from what he said that the students will still demonstrate if the institution does not abide by her words.

The Head of the department thereafter their discussions wrote to the management of the institution that the students promised to make the school ungovernable and someone should be made a scape goat for others.

The disciplinary committee of the institution invited Femola and was expelled from the school.

The news of this got to the community and hits the students hard. The parents of each student call his or her child to order and what Femola thought would happen did not happen. The students who he thought will organise students demonstrations because of him did not do that as everyone started to protect himself no one wants to be expelled from the school they are looking after their own thing not after common or joint things again.

Parents warn their children to distance themselves from the President of the department, Femola.

Dokaso being the daughter of a disciplinarian stylishly started withdrawing from her lover and that is their relationship hits The Rock.

It pained Femola that Dokaso jettisoned him.

He tried his best to see that he was reinstated back into the institution but that never happened.

Femola had to move to another community where he started schooling again and there he graduated in flying colours.

After his graduation he secured employment with one of the companies where he worked for about 6 months before the company collapsed as a result of mismanagement by the management of the company.

After all the workers have been laid off, he tried his best to secure other employment but couldn't he started trading.

Experience As A Business Man

It has been a decade that he started his own business and he discovered that contrary to what people made them to believe that business is easy, he discovers from his experience in the field that business is not as easy as they have thought it to be.

People I've been calling on him to get married but since the business has not taking shape as really wanted he has the refrained himself from getting married.

However his mind too has been searching for someone to be romantically involved with to be planning his life with.

He couldn't find one until one day that he met with Debah in the group of hernfriends chatting.

He loves her instantly made enquiries into her life from some of her friends that were close to him. They were those who link them together as they started their friendship.

He Disappointed Her

Since the period she has been joking about sugar daddy he has been learning leave her. Since she no longer lives in the same community with him it is easier for him to start seeing somebody else.

When he gets the new person it didn't take long before they solidify everything.

When the news got to Debah she almost ran mad.

She was depressed for a very long time and all family members arise to comfort her.

She closed her heart to different suitors who proposed to her after she got off a depressive mood.

It was during her depressive mood that Femola knows that she has been joking with him by the issue of her sugar daddy but what has been done has been done it cannot be erased again.

(The End)


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