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Her Brief Memoir: Be Not Like Snake That Passes on the Rock Part Two

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Challenges Faced

May I digress to say, when some ladies started seeing us together they started eyeing him, wanting him to be theirs'. Some even told him directly that they want him in their life.

He will appreciate them, but politely responded that he is engaged.

I need not say anything about mine because I am Younger at the prime of my age and I'm expected to be receiving messages, calls, letters and other offerings from guys that I should be dating, but I also politely turned them down because I never saw myself being satisfied with any of them.

One of them after talking with me had to go to my parents to tell them about me to which my parents made me restless because they wanted me to marry the guy at all cost.

This too generated a lot of furore between my parents and I but I told them my stand, if they want me to get married in this world it's either him or no one else.

Having seen my absolute resolution, they left me to do my will later but it wasn't easy.

Not to Be Idle

As it is said that idle hands are the devil's workshop, he doesn't want me to be idle when the coast hasn't been cleared for us to be ever joined together. He advised me to continue my academics.

I resisted this suggestion because I know he was borrowing from one person to another to keep his business afloat, out of the meagre which he is earning, I am the one that he used to give all to.

Even when I said he shouldn't worry, that I will sort myself out. He will ask how? Those people who you will talk to "will send you home", they will say if the person you are romantically involved with can't shoulder your burdens why staying with him. This will make you depressed. Instead of exposing yourself to such, it's better we continue like this. Thank heavens I have people who can lend me and would be repaying them, there are people who can't find people who will be of assistance to them, he says.

If he has made up his mind on something, hardly can you make him change his mind. In this case I am also not ready to pressurize him to change his mind because he is telling the truth. It is unfortunate that he is not financially buoyant to the level at which he could be assisting me without looking over his shoulders.

That was how we continued.

Miracle Knocked At His Door and He Opened

When I started furthering my education, he shouldered everything. I feel for him during this period because of the money he is spending on me and was silently praying that God turns his life around.

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As if the Divine had been waiting for him to do what he did, one of his friends who had traveled out for long gave it all it takes to locate him when he came to the country.

When he told him about me he was happy and took us to a place where he bought different things for me because I agreed to marry his friend. I have never been honoured like that all my life.

After this he told my spouse that he wants to execute some projects in the country and he wants him to be the manager of the projects. If he did that well, other friends promised to do similar things but they wanted to see what he would do with his first.

His friend while leaving gave him his car to be using saying he will be deducting it from the agreement he made with him which he never did.

He used to take me to campus with his new car and was always happy being with him.

This Gift is Not Mine I Said

When he starts the project he has to employ a staff member who is managing his business for him so that he will be able to monitor the job his friend has assigned him to do for him.

A river can't forget his source, that's why he maintained that business.

Whenever I am through with my academics on campus or I have nothing to do on campus, I will go to the shop to stay with his newly employed staff.

The first gain he made from the first project was used in buying a car for me, for taking a strong decision for him against all odds.

(To be continued...)


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