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Her Brief Memoir: Be Not Like Snake That Passes on the Rock Part Three

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Prior Then

When we were going out we discussed different things which I didn't know he kept at the back of his mind, one of them was the type of car I liked and I had told him about three types.

I didn't know his agreement with his friend, all he told me was they had an agreement and he will be deducting the car money from his money which is spread over months till he finishes the work.

Since he hasn't lied to me once I told him I don't need all he is telling me, all I'm looking for is his progress as he has been desirous of my progress which he has shown.

I added that he is yet to see a thing as more doors of blessings will be opened for us because he has satisfied my heart longings.

One of My Dreams

It has always been in my heart since my childhood days that I want to be a Professor, and no one can become a Professor without furthering his academics.

I didn't even bother to tell him anything about furthering my academics because of the uneasiness I am receiving from my parents.

However, he called me and said that he doesn't want me to idle. Instead of waiting till when the issue will be resolved, I should further, I was amazed.

I knelt down immediately to shed tears of love in his laps.

I never knew I am yet to see a thing.

On the day he will get me this car, he has gone to the place a day earlier to know the prices of the cars.

While returning from campus that day I branched at his office as before, coincidentally he was there and told me he is planning to call me to visit him tomorrow if I am not given a chance to branch at his place that day.

"Here am I, our hearts have been sutured together, ours is a singular heart shared by two bodies," sitting on his laps, his staff is outside attending to customers.

Well, I want you to follow me to a place tomorrow morning he said, will you be chanced?

"Oh yes, I will. The lecture we have tomorrow has been shifted because our lecturers will be traveling for a seminar which shall hold in another University and our head of department is the national President of the association so it can't be missed that's why our lectures have been shifted till upper week because they will return next week Thursday, on Fridays we don't use to have lectures" I responded, eating Apple on his laps as I put it in his mouth too to eat.

"Oh! Wonderful! God is great. He beautifies everything in his time" he says.

"Where goeth us?" I asked him smiling in between eating the Apple

"I want to go and sell you", he replied smiling

"I know you can't. You loved me more than that I am sure of it," I said

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"Maybe I have changed"

"You haven't, you won't and you can't, I am sure of it" smiling and eating the Apple

"I won't tell you until we get there"

"Please now", I begged

"I want it to be a surprise to you. Do you trust me?"

"You know the answer to that," I replied… "When are we leaving?" I asked

"Let's leave for the place at 10:00 hours" he responded.

"Okay my Boss", as I stand from his laps, sit it's my turn to sit on your laps he said, as I replied no and he was pulling my hand… we are playing…

Surprise Indeed

At home I was thinking about what he said, he wants to surprise me, maybe he wants to get me new dresses and some other things for school again, this man "sha" will not kill me with gifts I said to myself rolling here and there on my mattress laid on the ground at a corner of my room as I kept thinking about us until I fell asleep.

The following day, I put on one of the dresses he has bought for me when he traveled to the largest city in our country. With a black sandal which he gave me money to buy for myself, put on a silver wristwatch, neatly packed my loose hair back as I set out for his place. My parents didn't ask where I am going because they know I am doing my master's so they may have thought I am off to school.

He has been waiting for me by the time I got there.

"Good morning sir", kneeling down to greet him which I have always been doing since. He moved close to me, kissed me lightly, raised me up, "good morning, I have been waiting for you. Shall we go?"

"Me I haven't taken anything this morning oh, I was thinking, we shall eat before we leave"

"There are apples and bananas in the car. We shall be eating them as we go, don't want us to linger longer."

"Okay oh. I hope this surprise will be a surprise Indeed," I said smiling with my hands on his shoulders as we walked to the car.

We entered the car and put on the seat belts. He started the engine and moved. I took one of the bananas, peeled it, put it in his mouth, peeled another and put it in my mouth as he continued to drive.

He turned to Adéyẹmọ Street, the street is also know as carport street for different types of cars could be bought there.

The street has been named after Adéyẹmọ who is a renowned scientist, through his works, the town has been known all over the world. The authorities of the town on seeing his contributions to development of the town and how he has been known globally also decided to do something for him which would immortalise his name.

This street leads to the street that goes to the government reservation area of the town. As he started driving, I was thinking maybe his friend has arrived again and he wants me to go and greet him. But he should have told me he is around, I should have prepared for this… I was yet to be through with this thought when he signalled and stopped at one of the car dealers' shops.

Maybe he has another friend here that I don't know. That was what was in my mind as he stopped, asking me to alight from the car too to see someone here.

I dropped, closed the door behind me as we walked to the shop.

The dealer came out and he headed straight for the cars he had priced the previous day.

Which colour will you prefer? he asks me

You know my favourite colour now, I replied.

Yes, I know but maybe you won't like it in a car I can't say, he says.

Favorite is favorite anywhere whether at home, dresses, shoes etc I replied.

Okay ma, he replied, teasing me.

I have told you that you shouldn't use "ma" for me again.

Okay Professor

Better I replied smiling.

Please, open the engine for us to see.

He checked the engine and other things about the car, walked to the office of the dealer for the papers of the car as he transferred the money to him. He was bought in my name.

My surprise couldn't be hidden as tears of joy mixed with unimaginable surprise started flowing from my eyes to my cheeks…

He kissed the tears on my lips used his handkerchief to wipe the tear droplets off and said please, how do I get a driver that will drive my spouse home?

We have drivers here sir, he responded calling one of his staff to drive the car home.

I insisted I won't leave him, we are going to be in his car together I said.

Okay oh, my Pride says she doesn't want to leave me, please you will follow us he told the driver as he started following us to my House.

Parents Were Amazed

When I got home, my parents weren't around, and I left again with him to his shop where we continued to play.

I have resolved in my mind that the car would be given to my parents because they are old and still struggling with others for the bus at bus stops.

I told him my mind and he says he has no problem with my decision, if you will give them, it means, you will take my car because I don't like how you used to tell me you are stranded at the bus stop every time, that's why I said I will get you this to ease your transport burden.

I won't take your car, that would be callous of me if I do that, I replied.

I will still be acting like other students, thank God I have babyish look, many Infact take me for an undergraduate student so don't worry about me, I replied.

I will worry, he replied, because you are the one who pulled me out of my cocoons, yes these may happen as being designed by God but God has used you to wipe my tears off when you come, such that those who have been looking down one me never did again and it has ever been my prayers to surprise you, this is one of those, be replied.

You have always been. My academics was a surprise. The iPhone you bought for me was a surprise and many like that, I have never regretted loving you. I would have been blaming myself now had I listened to people who advised me not to date you, because as you said God has destined you will be great and you expressing this to me is beyond my imagination, I can only continue to pray that the opened doors be broadened by God….

When she got home, she told her parents about the car and that it's for them, giving them the particulars, "you have started to reap what you sowed" she said to them while giving them the keys of the car.

My parents prayed for me and the him that our love will continue to grow and we would be blessed with every good things of life…

Three months after this, we got married…

(The End)


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