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Her Brief Memoir: Be Not Like Snake That Passes on the Rock Part One

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His Initial Resolution

He thought he couldn't get married again because of what he has experienced in the hands of those he has dated before, he eventually got pissed off and wasn't making attempts at chatting any lady up.

However the first day I set my eyes on him I love everything about him though I saw frustration well written over him and his supposed happiness wasn't a deep sited happiness in his heart.

I wouldn't not know how he would take it with me, nonetheless, I say I will keep doing what I know best and maybe through that he will take notice of me.

He at first seems unconcerned about me nor anyone around just minding his own business anytime, seems a highly principled man well disciplined who doesn't want anything to disturb his flow of thoughts or how he has set things up.

During this time, things weren't so good with him, as he continues to live his life.

When no one is complaining, people will think all is well with a person.

I have been thinking of how to enter his eighteen yard box until one day that I met with him and asked about his wife. He says I should leave that for when the time comes I will know his wife. Okay, I replied to him.

However, I have known that he has not been married nor has a spouse anywhere, but no one could predict he may be hiding it from the populace, I said to myself.

Days passed, then when we met again I did not go directly in asking him about his spouse nor wife I started it as a discussion with him of what I heard people saying about him which is true and which I know he isn't in the dark about.

He says anyone could say anything he or she likes about me, what I know is if anyone desires to know anything about me the person should contact me instead of going behind my back to backbite.

I allowed him to finish, then I said, ``I have asked your spouse from you, but you didn't reply me, maybe that's what happens with those ones too and since you can't be defended they decided gossipping.

It's not that I didn't want to answer, what I said was when the time comes you will know her.

Show me her photo at least to convince me, I replied.

Uhm. Became silent. Pondered for a while then he replied, I don't have anyone to call a spouse.

Time waits for no one, no one is getting younger by each passing day, if a lady doesn't like you move ahead, get another one.

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I have tried, I am done trying, I don't want to be married again, I want to remain as I am without a thought of anyone bothering my heart, he replied.

I see. But in my naive knowledge it's not good that one be like a snake that passed on the rock which leaves no paths.

I have heard that over and over, and it means nothing to me again. Let anyone say anything, they may even say I am like a bird that flies in the sky without a path, it doesn't matter, what I am doing now is living my life to the full enjoying every bit of it. He replied.

You will still enjoy, if you get the right person. That's my strong belief, it's because you are yet to get the right person that's why you are saying what you are saying. When you get the right person, whether or not you are rich you will enjoy your life and find happiness in her, find pleasure in her.

Uhm. Easier said than experienced.

Though I am gullible but my instincts tell me what I am saying is correct, at least I have heard people say something like that and have found people in love.... That day passed.

On another day that we met, I had just gone to his shop to play with him and as we were gisting he asked me out.

Couldn't hide my feelings for him that day, for it was what I have been thinking about for a long time.

Started Dating

As we started dating that was when I knew some of the things he passed through and was passing through. I used to tell him he shouldn't worry that things will take shape with us.

He used to tell me no matter how weighty the matter is, whenever he sees me he is comforted. It was not as if I was giving him anything, up till now I am yet to be giving him things except showering my love on him.

It was at his counsel that I am furthering my education because my parents feel he is old enough to be my father and I told them he is the one I love, it is all or none.

My parents didn't change their position, I told him about it and he said that since I have decided to be his even if it takes another decade, he is going to wait for me.

I even told him he will find ladies better than me, that I want him to go because he is not a Young Man, but he said maybe I didn't love him before and was just playing him like those he had dated before.

I told him his Creator and mine knows that with everything I have, I loved him and have done everything I ever did to make sure he is happy. Since the time we started dating, I have never taken a step without his knowledge, because of my unreserved love for him, because I always want him to know he has someone who deeply cares for him.

If what you said is true he has responded I will wait for as long as this will take, even if I die in the process, I know I have died in love and for my Love.

Having seen that my persuasion failed on him, I left everything as we continued our love.

To be continued...


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