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Parallelism Can Be Very Useful

Parallelism prevents building continuous sentences.

A constructive word that creates equal meaning for joining two ongoing or continuous sentences into one whole sentence is called parallelism. A parallel word that makes the connection between two or more sentences so the two or more sentences can have the similar meaning or ideas. If the long ongoing sentences get too long and wordy, it can be very frustrating to read any further. An unstoppable idea that keeps on building up that has no boundaries, no breaks can be very unconstructive writing. I mean wordy, without any breaks, misuse of words or missing/miss using punctuation can cause confusion in a writing which can be very eerie and unprofessional. Practicing using parallel words can benefit the writer for proper sentence building process instead of writing continuous ideas. When a writer introduces the writing material about facts, demonstrations, discussions, opinion or ideas which keeps on building up with limitless words and ongoing sentences without any punctuations, without any styles or structures requires best writing techniques. These techniques demonstrate the writing quality and skills once the proofreading rules utilizes the parallel words. A proofreading rule such as the spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, tones and many other adequate use of regulations for a writing which prove its quality and technique building habit. Writing with information and writing with analysis can just sometimes get carried away with continuously long sentences which slowly become too wordy, and can represent poor writing habits. Having a good habit of writing style, knowing how to control the sentences with proper grammar, structures and practising proper parallel words in the sentences can be considered to be a professional writer and a good skill to have. Writing quality, style that can be measured by its interpretation and message. Because writing is an art skill and techniques that can be recognised by its writing style. Editing means proofreading with specific guidelines such as: writing style, writer’s tone, the punctuation, use of vocabulary, structures and the good use of research facts with references. Using the information with proper facts, detailed discussion that becomes long, wordy and gets carried away with improper long sentences or phrases makes difficult for the reader to read and bad impression for the writer. Writing has to be precise and interesting for readers to understand and enjoy it with a clear understanding of the writer's point of view; it doesn’t matter if the writing is informal or formal. A writer has to spread a clear message into their writing by using good technique in writing, the use of ideas and the plot or the concept appropriately to communicate its reader properly. Good writing habit is very important and very influential to their readers. It should impact and it should cause an effect to its reader. Writing should be interesting, should create a positive effect, and should be very enjoyable to its reader.

Every writing should consist of proper texture, tone, styles, structure, grammars, vocabularies, proper formats, punctuation, formatting and layout. Writing should communicate and build proper channels through its message; a technique to lure people for its message. Some writing is larger than others, especially the story writing or informative essay writing needs parallel word for controlling the wordy sentences or wordy phrases into one. It is a good habit to use parallel words between the two or more long boring sentences into one constructive sentence or phrases into one. Wordy sentences or continuously large sentences build up when people want to write everything in one sentence to back up their ideas into one. I mean it happens to everyone but good and professional writers always detect these types of mistakes even more. For that reason, beginner writers' writing sometimes becomes more boring than intermediate writer’s writing. Long and continuous use of sentence writing becomes intolerable and signifies boredom. Parallelism is the writing structure that improves the writing habit by fixing any long sentence writing. Practising using words that have equal meaning makes the two long sentences have an equal meaning named parallelism. Any business writing requires good techniques, skills, and professionalism. Using parallel words is one of the good techniques or skills to have in writing.

What does healthy, wealthy and wise parallelism mean?

Practising proper writing habits is the key and exchanging good communication writing techniques that draw attention to its target audience. Then again, what does it mean by writing healthy, wealthy, wise parallelism and word form? It means that when a supporting verb is used in any writing to avoid a lengthy sentence. Especially, for any business writing, parallelism words must be used in any long descriptive sentences. “Parallelism in grammar is defined as two or more phrases or clauses in a sentence that have the same grammatical structure.” (, Parallelism, Alice E.M. Underwood ALICE E.M. UNDERWOOD · Grammar Tips Style). A sentence that uses the parallel construction words that makes writing effective, classy and brings writing sophisticating. This is one grammatical mistake most people forget or misuse in their writing. It is a very important part of any professional writing without proper grammar and a great writing skill. It will not make sense and will not get any audience's attention.

Solving writing problems with parallelism words?

Parallelism helps any long and boring sentence writing process with building bridges between two phrases or sentences from happening. Lengthy sentences create readers to become bored and irritated by reading them. As well it is not a good concept or practice to write long sentences which don't have any punctuation or any parallel words. A Prospective writer's style and technique is proof of their writing skill. A qualified writer knows how to use parallel words in the sentences. Especially writers who use editing and composing are those who use it most. Because misuse of parallel words can also make writing more boring and improper to read. Long sentences that use the joining words are such as: and, therefore, moreover, but, therein, however, and so on are some examples. Sometimes all the words in a sentence seem so important and the writing slowly continues till the end and I'm not sure where to use the punctuation and where to use the parallel words. It is best to see if two sentences talking about the same ideas are the place where you use the parallel word but if they talk differently then you use the punctuation. Practising using parallel words or making a habit of using the parallel word would make life much easier for those who can not stop writing big sentences. Not to mention writing tone, sentence structure, and proper punctuation must be used in these sentences side by side with parallel words. An explanation and an example. I love to travel to places, so I can get to enjoy the different types of cultures and different types of lifestyles in the world. The word “so” here is the parallel word here.

Parallelism can be used in writing efficiently and accurately. In all formal communication, writing uses this parallel word for the style and it controls the ongoing sentence from happening. It is an ideal method of good writing techniques to have in any business writing practice. Parallel words make that long writing more effective.

Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Parallelism & Word Forms

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What is parallelism?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What does parallel word mean?
    • Joining words
    • Words like: and, moreover, therefore, etc.

Answer Key

  1. Joining words

when to use parallel words

  1. Use parallel words in your examples and instructions. Parallel words are good for joining two phrases together. Minimize wordy paragraph and sentences.

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