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Headlights: A Cliche Dull Horror Tale

Headlights by Chris Snider

Between big novels, I like to read short stories. And on Twitter, I saw that a fellow indie author was advertising his horror anthology. It’s called Accents of Horror and I thought why not give it a try. And like always, I review short stories on a story by story basis. And here is my review of Headlights by Chris Snider.

So what is it about? It follows Randy. He’s a thirty something who is trying to sort his life out. And he intends to start by reconnecting with his father. In his travels, he finds a wrecked car and the surviving driver. He decides to help and takes the teenager to her home. But it is not all that it seemed.

The good? The story is okay. Though cliche, it was a fine story over all.

The bad? This story is brief. It has no substance. I could not connect to any of the characters. I could not picture the environment or the emotion. It was just so surface level and because of that, it had no heart. It is also so very predictable.

Overall, it’s okay. It’s mediocre. A little bland. But not bad. Yet I don’t think it is worth your time either. So I can’t recommend it. It’s just very meh.

2 smoothies out of 5

Overall Rating: A Cliche Dull Horror Tale

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