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Head Over Heels, by Hannah Orenstein

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I was invited to read a free copy of Head Over Heels, by the author, Hannah Orenstein, in exchange for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed this delightfully funny romantic comedy, and learned a lot, both good and bad, about the competitive world of Olympic-level gymnastics. Thank you, Hannah, for trusting me with your work. I happily gave it four stars.

Do Coaches And Parents Put Too Much Pressure On Young Children?

The pressures on young girls (and boys) who seriously train for their chosen sport are inhumane, not to mention the sexual abuse many of them endure. This book examines the poor treatment of young girls, as well as the unhealthy dieting required to remain lithe and petite, and the fact that they are not allowed time to have a normal childhood as they practice for hours each day.

An Accident Can Ruin A Blossoming Career

Avery’s career, Jasmine went on to be an Olympic champion. Little by little, Avery and Jasmine’s friendship suffers. After being dumped by her pro-football-player boyfriend, Avery moves back to her hometown where she runs into Ryan, another former gymnast, and sparks begin to fly.

Old Friends Turned Enemies Work Together Again

When the scandal that rocks the entire gymnastics world breaks, both Avery and Jasmine work to help younger gymnasts. Will Avery and Jasmine find friendship again?

Will Avery and Ryan find love? Will their new careers in the world of gymnastics succeed?

Delightful, Informative Novel

Head Over Heels, is a quick, easy read. While funny, sad, and romantic with sexual tension, it has an important and serious message. You will enjoy this one. It is definitely worth four stars.

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