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The absolutely free
But he's good at building cheers
A plastic territory
Not good at making memories

Already mourning for his life
But didn't even see the line
A not so caring child
Maturity is never been in his mind

A dreamer fights
But he depends on what's in his side
A dictator of no one's life
He miss out what in his lies

Could be a reality changer
But all he could do is to be a listener
His command is out of nowhere
His sight is lost somewhere

For what he'd learn from her
Becomes a dangerous game
He already have the pattern
But he lost all what's matter

He used everything for her while everything was her
A game he can't play
But still start without a main
He just lost and can't have a gained

He's dangerous game
He's a non gamer player
He didn't know he almost throw it away
He soon will soon might simply leave on the game


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