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He Wrote From His Soul Perspective: My Thoughts on The Late Charles Bukowski

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


My Discovery of An Influential Poet and Author

I stumbled across quotes of Bukowski's and a few poems from another lover of poetry on Facebook, who likes to post famous poems from well-known poets and not so renowned poems from regular people poets. I did not know of the German-born- American Poet, Charles Bukowski until I saw many quotes from him posted by this other Facebook user.

However, I have stumbled upon this radical poet that she has been posting and I find his work intriguing. I can tell you he is very influential throughout the writing world, but for some reason, it took me to discover him by chance on social media.

Nevertheless, if I am intrigued, I will somewhat research a person, place, or thing that has caught my attention, and Mr. Bukowski has caught my attention with his unique poetry style. It’s prose poetry, talking through realms instead of rhyming or giving an ode to someone. His poetry is not of a Shakespearean feel as Sonnets are so inclined to be.

Mr. Bukowski, to me, was simply a writer of the soul. He was a novelist, a short-story writer, and a poet of prose. Some of his novels include “Women” and “Post Office,” but I haven’t read either and couldn’t tell you what they were about. Something tells me they are forceful in how they are written and expressed. From what I can tell about Charles Bukowski, he was a no holds barred type of writer. He wrote what he felt; he described it in unforgiving words and sometimes, or at least, in my opinion, shock-related. To give you an example, I will post the poem that caught my eye.

August 16,1920 - March 9,1994


Much More About Charles Bukowski

Alone With Everybody

by: Charles Bukowski

The flesh covers the bone

and they put a mind in there,

and sometimes a soul, and the

women break vases against the

walls, and the men drink too much,

and nobody finds the one, but they

keep looking crawling in and out of


Flesh covers the bone and the flesh

searches for more than the flesh.

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There’s no chance at all; we are all

trapped by a singular fate. Nobody

ever finds the one.

The city dumps fill.

The junkyards Fill.

The madhouses fill.

The hospitals fill.

The graveyards fill.

Nothing else fills.

A Few Final Thoughts On Mr. Bukowski

I found this poem of the late Charles Bukowski to be very profound, and maybe not true to all of us, but may be written out of his own deep despair or drunken rant. I don’t quite know if he was an alcoholic, but plenty of pictures suggest he liked the firewater quite well. However, again, I did not research enough about Mr. Bukowski to say this for sure. I only searched out a few facts along with his poetry and quotes. He was an intriguing artist, whom I will no doubt study more about when I catch a few moments here and there. Life is quite busy these days.

For now, I will use him just as my inspiration to write a poem of my own, that I hope captures a style similar to his. I didn’t write it to rhyme, and as it is in the narrative form, which I do often, it really has no sense of flow, but only thought-provoking words on a topic of life and love. I hope you like it!


"Some lose all mind, and become soul, insane.

Some lose all soul, and become mind, intellectual.

Some lose both, and become accepted."


Be Warned...It Is An Interesting Perspective Indeed

"I loved you like a man loves

a woman he never touches,

only writes to, keeps little

photographs of."


So Interesting! Charles Bukowski's Brilliant Words

"The free soul is rare, but you know it

when you see it. Basically, because,

you feel good, very good, when you

are near or with them."


Now This Is Where I Agree Totally With Mr. Bukowski, Do You?

Pretty Petals by: Missy Smith

I just crossed your path to make

an impression. That's all I was

supposed to do.

Don’t try to back up after you

finally feel ready to. I’m gone

from your life now.

And that’s what Life and Love

are about…is it not?

We cross paths. We fall in love.

We learn to interact with another

different personality other than

our own.

But, it’s inevitable isn’t it; how

sometimes there will be one

out of the two who will

become ready to move on?

So, they leave, grasping hold of

all the things they learned which

you shared unconditionally.

Then flee to see if there is a better

you out there just because you did

this so genuinely.

It can be an instantaneous exit,

and that is why they may later

come back and try to reconcile.

And then, when a fool returns, the

later is too late for the mistake

maker who walked on.

They now only seem to the

abandoned you--A sweet lie

that you’ve let go, no regret

now in your soul.

You look ahead to the next lesson,

either tomorrow or years later;

unfortunately, maybe never again.

Life is a journey. It takes us all

down different paths of our own


If we are lucky, we pick the path

that will plant us in enriched soil that

blooms us into a beautiful color of

full and complete happiness.

We find the right person at the right

time with all the right answers to all

the right lessons we desire.

However, life shows some of us

A lonely path, as we are the ones

who always learn those many sweet lies.

The ones that will eventually realize

the never again after a last good-bye.

Yes, I am one of those planted with

many pretty impressions you take

when you leave, wilting from every

petal you snatch away from me.

But, hey, that’s all I’m really supposed

to be, just another impression with

a lesson you will keep.

© 2016 Missy Smith


Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 21, 2016:

Hey Bill, It's easy to miss some on here. I know I do. If I didn't just think to go to some pages, I would never know there was a new story or poem to read. I get notifications in my email, but I don't check my email everyday I'm ashamed to say.

Thanks for stopping by, ~Missy

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 21, 2016:

I don't know how I missed this one, Missy. Sorry I'm late. I always enjoy hearing about people who inspired others....a glimpse into your mind and heart as a thank you for sharing this.

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 21, 2016:

Yes, you have learned many lessons from nature. I admire that so much. I wish I was more of the outdoors type. One day I hope to find more time to venture out and explore. It will come in time. Thanks, Deb! :)

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on March 20, 2016:

Life is so full of lessons. Until we walk in someone else's shoes, we won't learn more about lessons from the other side. I prefer my lessons in the out of doors, as you know...

Faith Reaper from southern USA on March 18, 2016:

Hi Missy,

Oh, no ...I don't think anyone thinks that, at least I know I don't. That is his art and it is real and powerfully felt when done right.

When I was young and would get frustrated, watch out, I would let the words fly out of control. Then I had my children and I heard my daughter repeat what I said in a moment of road rage ...I guess that was what it was. Whew, that opened my eyes. Now, I am as cool as ever in traffic LOL.

Have fun this weekend!

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 18, 2016:

Hey Faith,

I know you probably have heard it all. In this day and time, we all have I'm sure. Even so, I just don't want everyone to think that I am promoting a lot of bad language. I promote it to an extent, only when it is expressed in a way that feels artsy, If that makes sense? I really know that there are a lot of good church-going people here, like you, and I like you, so I don't want to offend you and make you feel I am just a potty mouth person. I admit though, that I do express myself with a few unflattering words on occasion when I am frustrated and angry, like I have been with this election season, but still, I understand some may find it offensive. My mother would not approve. I will just say that. lol.

You have a great weekend, and Happy Birthday to your grandaughter!

Faith Reaper from southern USA on March 18, 2016:

Hi Missy,

Thank you for the warning ... Which I find adorable being there's pretty much nothing I haven't already heard, especially with my dad being in the US Army LOL, I don't have virgin ears, believe me.

Have a great weekend ahead. We will be celebrating my oldest granddaughter's 8th birthday.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 17, 2016:

No never fear Missy. I still like it here too and am not leaving. Just another string in my bow. Cheers.

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 17, 2016:

Thanks Dana. It's good to see you here. :) Hope everything is well with you.

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on March 17, 2016:

I never heard of him but the poem you posted was intriguing. I will try to find out more about his work.

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 17, 2016:

Hey Jodah, that sounds very interesting, but does that mean you will eventually leave HP? Thanks for all your kind comments on my hubs, talk to you soon. ~Missy

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 17, 2016:

I found this a very interesting Missy. I had heard of Charles Bukowski but don't recall ever having read any of his writing before, so thank you for introducing me to his poetry. I love your poem as always. Like you I find my best poetry just flows easily, without much thought. I echo Jackie's invitation to join the new Web Site we are planning to start for poets and fiction writers. At the moment, we have just opened a Facebook group "The Creative Exiles" to collect members and plan the new site.

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 16, 2016:

Thank you, Manatita, it's been a while since you've been on here hasn't it? I'm glad you are back and hope your time off was productive. :)

manatita44 from london on March 16, 2016:

I have heard of him and read some of his work. Not bad at all, the poems you chose. Your poem is also very good. Higher thoughts.

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 16, 2016:

Thank you very much, Shaloo. I would say that I would only recommend you look up and listen to this poet only if you know a bit about him. So, take a look at the video of him, and I warn it's super out there. lol. But, take a look at that and the way I have described him in my hub and my comments. I believe he is one of those acquired tastes, but he may be one that is not even that. He may just be repulsive to some on a certain level. Mostly if you listen to him while he has been drinking.

Take care and thanks again. :)

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 16, 2016:

Hey Paula, I 'm sorry it's taken me so long to write a response back. I've been very busy lately. I think I wrote this hub within a couple of hours, but Bukowski was a subject I had in my mind for a while now as a topic for discussing here.

Yes indeed, he is very raw and to the point of how he feels, and although I don't really like how he expresses it sometimes, other times I think he does a good job expressing his thoughts well. I think when he was drinking is when he got extremely raw, but when he wasn't, he had very intelligent and interesting perspectives. He's a love/hate type of personality. You could seem to hate his antics, but all in the same way love why he says or writes his thoughts the way he does. I think this is why I found him so intriguing.

Thank you for that great compliment. I do think about putting a book together one day, but I feel I need to gather up some more poetry first. I'm still pretty new and haven't written a lot except for here on hubpages. I would say that this poem I wrote is, so far, one of my favorites. I do like how it's presented without so much thought on is it in the correct form. I like that it is just my thoughts that have flowed out, and I usually write that way, but like I mentioned to Faith earlier, I still seem to proofread it ten times before posting a poem. However, this one along with another poem I wrote I did not do that. I took the route of just letting go after it flowed out of me. I find that those become the poems I like the best in which I have written.

I hope to continue to do well here, and hope that I can continue to please my readers. As I do it more for the fulfillment to myself, I still like to touch others as well. So, thank you again, Paula. It's always a pleasure to get one of your lovely comments. Peace and Love ~Missy

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 16, 2016:

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Clive. You may like this poet I mention here. You should look him up. :)

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 16, 2016:

Hey Faith, he doesn't hold back his tongue at all. He's that type of person. So, I would probably warn you of that if you come across his videos. The first video I posted will give you a good example if you think you want to listen. It's really crazy! However, he is also very brilliant in a lot of other thoughts he has. I posted a few other videos recited by a narrator. It's Mr. Bukowski's thoughts on being a writer and things like that. Some of it is not so bad, and actually very interesting. I agree with his ideas on being a writer.

I'm so very pleased that everyone liked my poem so well. I just kind of threw it out there, and that is what Mr. Bukowski makes reference to in one of the clips. Poetry should be real, not thought hard on, just should be recited freely from the soul. He definitely is this type of writer and poet, so I challenged myself when writing this one. I like giving myself these challenges. Actually, all my poetry comes out pretty easy. It really just flows from my inner thoughts, but I admit I do go over it a couple of times before I post. I didn't do that with this one. I didn't question it, I proofread it once, and then let it go. :)

Thanks for being such a support to my work here on hubpages. :)

Shaloo Walia from India on March 16, 2016:

I have never heard of this poet. Thanks for sharing the info!

Faith Reaper from southern USA on March 15, 2016:

Hi Missy,

I did not know of Bukowski, but I am intrigued now from your hub here to maybe read more of his work.

I'm must agree 100% with Paul and Frank, your poem is beyond good, it is superb! You are a natural born poet. I love, love, love your poem.

Keep putting your gift of poetry out there for the world to see and follow some of Paula's wonderful suggestions.

Peace and blessings

Suzie from Carson City on March 15, 2016:

I do recall somehow of hearing about this poet a really long time ago. I remember I think~because of his unusual ethnic name.....but in any event, I see you're happy you've discovered him. The Poem of his you chose to share is "stunning.".....very raw, very real.

And Missy, I need to tell you, your poem is just as amazing as his, Seriously. I don't know if you've put a book together of your Poetry, but you certainly SHOULD. you research for magazines & various periodicals that accept submissions for publication?? Get your work and your NAME out there! You're really really good........!

Clive Williams from Jamaica on March 15, 2016:

seems like a pretty decent poet. Will need to read more of his work

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on March 15, 2016:

I hadn't heard of him either, Frank. I ran across quotes and a few poems of his through the girl I mentioned on Facebook. However, after doing what you did and googling him, I found that he was very well-known in the writing field. He is so radical with his outlooks and poetry, that I'm surprised that I haven't ran across his work sooner, but he did die in 94. I don't think I was even writing myself back in those days.

I can only hope you will google me one day, that would be awesome! Just like Mr. Bukowski says in one of the videos I posted though, if you are writing to get famous don't do it. I'm not writing to get famed, as I'm sure he must not have been either, but hey; it could happen, and I'm not going to say I wouldn't like being appreciated by all walks of life.

You are very kind, Frank. I am always so appreciative of your nice comments. Thank you!

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on March 15, 2016:

Missy I've never heard of this poet.. goggled his name.. and it showed some of his work on one site.. some day I'll goggle your name and say I knew this girl once on hubpages.. and you'll be known as a great poet of our generation... :) good share my friend.. bless you

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