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COVID-19 remains as "Non-Fictional" pandemic


COVID-19 remains as "Non-Fictional" pandemic

Coronavirus is globally known for COVID-19

It remains as "Non-Fictional" pandemic

No one starting with infectious disease experts are talking about how it will end

Unfortunately, this pandemic stays still on earth as long as it is please

I know I have been scared to get a job lately.

Corona virus aka COVID-19 has been staying still on earth as long as it is still unknowned.

I was working at Tran score as an Image Reviewer in Houston, Texas.

After 29 days in the job I was let go because I did not had my face covering on.

I know this shift was a 4:00pm to 2:30am shift Monday through Friday.

Before I leave the building, I comment it after I remove my mask off and said “I am a free man”

This period felt like this is the Non-Fictional epidemic period at this time.

After I let do, I seek for another job in November of 2020.

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This interview was done on web cam on November 12, 2020.

This position was packaging from Robert Half.

This first position from Robert Half was LJA Engineering on 3600 West Sam Houston parkway south In Houston, Texas.

The position “packaging wines” was a good position but last only three days (November 23 through November 25).

I was packaging wines with tags. That was my good position.

My second position came from Robert Half on December 1 as a data entry E-commerce at Goode Company E-Commerce.

Now this second position lasted for only 2 days (December 3 and December 4) I was let go in this position on Friday.

This one was little tougher than the last one for Robert Half.

Third Position came up but there was a big problem, employee had corona virus, already. This position was located in Millennium Group as a Mailing position.

What on earth is going on?

When is this Non-Fictional epidemic going to end and Return back to Fictional epidemic where this virus does exist, anymore.

There is no prediction when it COVID-19 will end.

I might as well give up seeking for jobs for the whole 2021 and 2022, maybe 2023 if Corona virus does not give up, for real.

I comment this one most of the times “Work is not my thing, and I am not going to be in this working mess.”

PLEASE, MAKE ALL PANDEMICS END, Immediately! I am so, so serious as you never imagine!!

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